Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Bite The Bullet Already...

I can't take it anymore. It has been too long since I last wrote. Let's be honest...the last post was a bit weak anyway. So, here I am, in the middle of the BUSIEST weeks of my life - feeling guilty for not blogging in AGES.

Alright, where do I start?? Over the last month, Noah has grown more than I think he has ever grown before. He has gone from not talking (merely making noise that should be words), to talking in full, complete, thoughtful sentences. He can tell you anything he wants/needs. He can tell you CLEARLY when there is something he does NOT want/need. He is forming the BEST little personality and oh boy, the love this child has for his daddy infinitely grows daily. He is opinionated and has a crystal clear memory. If he does something once, he remembers it every time! He is a lo-ver! He will hug and kiss anyone. He will tell everyone {individually} hello and good-bye. He is thoughtful and so sympathetic. Recently, when we watch TV, if someone is crying or gets hurt, he will look at you with very serious faces and say, "Oh no. He/She sad."
Noah saying "leeese" {please}.
Noah will turn TWO on May 12th. Yes, my child will be two in less than a month. Is that possible?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The great news is, I am excited about this year. This year's birthday does not come with gallons of tears or complete heartache like last year's. This year, I am embracing the idea of him turning two. After all, he will never get younger, no matter how hard I try to fight it. 

For Easter, the Easter Bunny brought Noah a shaving kit! He shaves like his Daddy, and LOVES doing so. Frankly, he is quite good at it!  
What a toot! Dancing and shaving a way!
Shaving his chest...
Do you ever have to shave your hands??

While Noah has ALWAYS loved being outside, he has learned that he LOVES working in the yard. His daily activities include: checking on the trees, raking, shoveling, and mowing (Yes, daily). He is a huge help when he goes to his Bedo and Coco's house. 

Noah helping rake the mulch out of the garden.
Outside of Noah news, Cullen is fantastic. He plays softball one or two nights a week and Noah LOVES watching his daddy play. You can ask Noah where his daddy plays and he will quickly tell you, "ou-fel" {out field). Watching Cullen play ball frequently takes me back to childhood memories of when my dad played ball. We spent COUNTLESS evenings at the ball field.

School is school. My students have lost their love. Apparently that is going around the whole school. Worse than usual this year. We have met as grade levels and as a school to figure ways to entice the children into behaving for the remainder of the year.  I have five Mondays until FREEDOM summer. Although, I have already signed up for several summer conferences that I am more than excited about.

We went to a wedding in Abilene recently and met up with my very best friend in the world. It was great to see her. 

Taylor, Kelly, and Me.
Looking forward... Cullen and I have the annual Elliot Family Reunion over Memorial Day Weekend. Behind white elephant Christmas exchange, it is hands-down my favorite Mills' Family event. We go to a different city/town each year and just catch up with family. It is wonderful. This year is extra special. We are sharing a suite with the newest member of the family, Little Miss. Addison Struby - For this, I could not be more excited!! We are also planning a trip to the Texas coast with the Durbin family. In my world, nothing is sweeter than when Noah and his best friend get to add sand and water. I, for one, will be in hog-Heaven!

For now, I think that will do. It is my BEST intention to not let so much time lapse before the next blog.