Friday, June 29, 2012

It might be a stretch...

This might not be totally blog worthy, but it makes me so excited. I, my dear friends, have stepped into the big girl world. I, officially, crossed over to the iPhone world. I have been meeting this with decision with hesitation largely because I have been a FAITHFUL Sprint user since my very first cell phone in 2001! However, 11 years later, I am a convert. I am a full blown, AT&T iPhone user. Whoop. (Whoop, as in I am excited. NOT Whoop as in A&M.)

In other news, I have had a serious case of nesting. In the past few days, I have managed to get more done than I feel like I have done since we moved into this house. My dad came to town and added shelves into three of our closets. I have sorted through and boxed up Noah's old clothes. {Never fear, they are staying close...just in case this little one in my tummy wears blue, not pink.} I have reorganized my craft closet, cleaned out our office, cooked too much, organized his room - again, sorted bibs into boy only, or "doesn't matter what our baby's gender is" piles, folded and put away our linens through out the house, and I am preparing a grocery list as we speak. SHEESH. I am not excited to see what 9 month nesting looks like!

CULLEN: Take advantage of this now... I am not sure how long it will last. If I were you, I would have a honey-do list daily... It is seeming to get done!

Monday, June 25, 2012

She's Got Her Whole World...

...In her hands.

I get to start this week by sharing with you just how lucky I am. Last night, BOTH of my boys fell asleep holding my hand. I went to sleep with my heart happy and feeling complete.

It started with me putting Noah down. I crawled into his bed and cuddled with him for a minute and he (as usual) says, "Hand, momma." I held his hand until he fell asleep.

I proceeded to my bedroom where Cullen was on the brink of death from lack of sleep this weekend. He was tossing and turning while I was watching TV. Eventually, I turned off the TV and he immediately rolled over and said, "Where is your hand?" I held his hand with a smile on my face until he, too, fell asleep.

My heart was happy and full. I felt needed and wanted. I felt like in that little moment, nothing else mattered at all.

So, Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend ended as well as mine did!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Durbin/Mills' Annual Vacation


We recently took a vacation with our favorite family friends! We found ourselves in Port Aransas, Texas for a four-day beach vacation. Those four days were packed with beach fun, sand-castle building and animal sighting at the Texas State Aquarium. Below is a capture of our vacation via pictures.

Traditional name-in-the-sand picture.

Day One on the beach. The daddies and kiddos.
Settling down on night one. How sweet is Kylie?? Big hugs for Uncle Cullen!

Flying a kite that Kylie's Grammy bought for the kiddos.

We took a ride into town to find dinner Saturday night. Noah has learned to say "cheese" for the camera. AND, he never minds taking pictures. What a treat.

Momma and her silly boy!

Representing the Rangers on the beach. This hat allowed for this momma to not worry about a sun-burned face!
Silly faces in Kylie's hat.

Silly faces in Kylie's chair.

Falling victim to the big waves!

Lounging in the water!

About .5 seconds before taking a big tumble backwards from the waves.

Food and drink break from the sun and beach!

While this picture appears to be our son creating fantastic sand castles, let me break the real news... Cullen would build them and no sooner was the plastic away from the sand would Godzilla Noah crash the sand castle flat.

Family picture at the Texas State Aquarium.

He wanted to give the sea turtle a kiss.
Playing and watching the dolphins.
At the Tx. State Aquarium watching the giant hermit crab and fish.
Cullen and Noah getting the car packed up, ready to leave Port Aransas!
The Mills family of "4". {This is our first family picture where you can really see my bump.}

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

18 Weeks and Counting!

How far along? 18 weeks today.
Total weight gain: >1 lb. The doctor told me she was going to round it up to one pound but it was somewhere between .5 - 1.0 lbs. I will take it! I can't believe I made it 18 weeks and have only gained one pound!!
Maternity clothes? Maternity pants, my shirts, and a lot of dresses.
Stretch marks? No new ones! ;)
Sleep: I toss and turn all night, but sleep just fine.
Best moment this week: Hearing our nugget's heartbeat today.
Miss anything? Nope, not right now!
Movement: Finally, yes. Feeling him or her for about a week now! 
Food cravings: no cravings...but, nothing really ever sounds good. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not any more!
Gender: I had a dream recently that the doctor texted me and told me that the baby was a girl. I cried hysterically - not in a good way. But, I have no idea if this baby is a girl or a boy. Cullen and Noah both think it is a girl. They refer to the baby as a her, or "Baby Sister". I keep telling them both that it is going to be very unfortunate when their "Baby Sister" has a penis.
Labor Signs: NADA.  I've had some mild cramping and sharp pains every once in awhile, but nothing serious.  And, according to my doctor, I'm 1cm dilated, 0% effaced and -3 station - WTF?!!!!
Symptoms: lots of movement, increased appetite.
Belly Button in or out? In...I think it will actually stay that way!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Blissfully Happy!
Looking forward to: Talking baby names with the hubby!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I wish there was a long post I could write not about Noah...however, being a temporary stay-at-home mom, my life is Noah. I have two things to blog about regarding my Stinker:

1. Guess who's toddler bed magically turned into a big-boy bed this week???? Oh boy, he has his Papa's fix-it skills and he was such a helper! Here are two pictures of him "helping" Momma and Dad put his big boy bed together:

He is making sure all the screws are tight!

Helping Momma plug in his Mobile!
2.  Today, Noah made two major connections. Before I gush about how smart I think my sweet son is, I must tell you, I am rational. I know that this is probably the age for connections to be made like this, but it just blows me away when he does it. It makes me feel like we are doing something completely correct in our parenting!

Today, I picked up Noah from Ms. Brenda's house and the following conversation ensued:

 "Get a bike at the store."
"No Buddy. You are too little."
"No. Wear a helmet (pronounced Heeelmut)."
"That is right, we do wear a helmet when we are on a bike. But, you are still too little for a bike."
"No, wear a helmet to go fast as I can."
"Maybe later Buddy."

I was astonished that he not only knew you need a helmet with a bike, but that a helmet will keep you safe when you go fast. What a smart little thinker.

THEN, later this evening while eating grapes, he held out his hands and said to me, "My hand wet. This hand dry." I know that seems a bit lame if you aren't a parent - I was quite impressed that he could notice the difference in his hands and verbalize it. SHEER GENIUS!

3. We also prayed at dinner tonight. I asked him to show me how to pray, and sure enough, he put his hands together and repeated after me, "Dear God." I said a pray and he repeated, "Amen." It is moments like this one too, that make me think we are doing well in the parenting department.

That's it for me. I love having Noah at home with me this summer! I love watching him grow daily. I am one proud momma!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Put Yer Hands Up!

Ready, Set, Draw!
Today, I went to visit my dad in Austin. He is in the middle of a BEAUTIFUL remodel of his and my mother's bathroom. It is going to be ah-mazing when it is finished. 

When we got there, my dad had a box of tools sitting in his room that he had been using. Three of the tools were nail guns. Noah properly equipped himself, Papa and me with our own personal nail guns. They had a stand off at high-noon {cue Marty Robbin's Gun Fighter Ballad}!! 

The nail guns were accompanied by "Boom, Boom, Boom" from both the gunners. It was adorable - and confirmed again, how happy I am that it is summer break and I am at home spending the days with my Doodlebug!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Floaties, Life Jacket, and Goggles, Oh My!

My Little Swimmer!
How cute is this little swimmer?? This evening, we had good friends over for dinner and swimming. It was SO MUCH FUN. Not only does it wear Noah out, but we got to just sit around and enjoy the company of adults and relax. 

So far, Summer 2012 is just delightful!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

15 Weeks -

This was at 13 weeks. My best friend HATES when I do not include my head in pictures. I promise from here forward, all pictures will have my face in them...Sorry Kel!

How far along? 15 weeks, 2 days!
Total weight gain: ZERO pounds! Woo woo!!
Maternity clothes? I need a little help buttoning my pants! I wore my first pair of maternity jeans yesterday, and LIFE WAS GRAND! 
Stretch marks? Leftovers from #1... no new ones!
Sleep: Still great!
Best moment this week: Someone asked me if I was pregnant when she was looking at my tummy...that made me happy!
Miss anything? Nothing yet...
Movement: For giggles, let's call it gas this week. I think it is too early to really feel movement!
Food cravings: Yep - Chinese food. I needed with Noah; I need it with #2.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of meat usually doesn't sit well with me. Oh well, Cheers to carbs!!
Gender: Cullen says a girl. I don't have an opinion yet. Some days I think Baby is a girl. MOST days, I think Baby is a boy.  
Labor Signs: If there are labor signs...we are in trouble!
Symptoms: Memory loss, weird dreaming, and I have had months of nighttime sickness.
Belly Button in or out? In... it never "popped" with Noah either.
Wedding rings on or off? on!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy all of the time. Getting nervous... I wasn't anxious with Noah. I am anxious/nervous about having a second baby.
Looking forward to: Seeing Noah be a big brother. Holding our little nugget. Preparing Noah's big boy room and setting up the Nursery!

Summer Is Here. ..

Summer is here. This makes me so happy. It fills my heart with joy for so many reasons. Let's be honest - I am a teacher. I am most happy for summer for the extended break from small children...however, I am filled with joy because I get to spend my summer with my stinker. We get to make new memories. We get to sleep in...well, at least sleep past my dreaded 5:30 a.m. alarm clock. We get to make plans with friends. We get to do whatever we want. We can pick up and go to Austin if we want. ALL BECAUSE IT IS SUMMER, and we can! 

This is my last summer as a mom of one.  This is met with bittersweet emotions. While I am thrilled to bring home our newest addition to our little family - these last two years have been just Cullen, me and Toot. Our little family of three works. It is easy. He is easy. He and I can pack up the car and go... no mess, no fuss - most of the time... I will make the most of this summer. I will make all the memories I can, and capture as much as possible on film. Because, next summer, it will be me, Toot and Little one. Wow. It is hard to even think about. 

BUT, in a seemingly {recent} pattern...let's catch up on life. 

Last weekend, we met Cullen's family at T Bar M for the annual Elliott Family Reunion. As always, it was wonderful. It was laid back, full of family fun and catching up with family from afar. We played games, we played, we ate great food. It was just delightful. Here are some pictures from our evening of "Minute To Win It"

Nicky Paul playing against Buck!

Buck being cheered on by Shana!

Cullen and Garren had to catch wiffle balls using lint rollers!

The Chocolate Unicorn - Tana, Bev and Don had to stack 7 ding-dongs on their forehead.

{look...preggo belly} Emily and I had to balance an egg on top of a football.

Shana and Lauren had to throw tea bags onto the bill of a hat worn by their husbands.

The husbands wearing said hats, catching tea bags!

Clint and Scott balancing dice on a popsicle stick!

Carol and Tutu stacking and balancing baby blocks on a plate on their head.

Skyler and Gigi knocking soda cans down with a yo-yo!

Natalie and Niesha sucking up M&Ms and transferring them to different cups. Look at Niesha's game face!

Taylor and Robyn bobbing their heads to see who could "walk" the farthest - measured by a pedometer on their head.

Billy and Dustin shaking a full box of wiffle balls until the box is empty to the tune of  Sir Mix Alot's "I like Big Butts".

Just look at these two.. so funny!
We had a such a great time. There are TONS more pictures, but they aren't as great as these family photos! 

We came home Sunday, and immediately went to the Durbin's house for a little Slip N' Sliding fun with Noah's best friend Kylie! Check out these gems - 

Look at these kid's faces... pure joy!

Happiness starts with friends.

Our little froggy, K!

Look at her slip n' sliding skills.

His Sn'S skills are still being perfected.

He kept falling... so, we worked on careful walking!

Taking a break from Sn'S to play in the pool at the end.

The dads got involved. Look at their faces.

Just happy. Noah waited for Kylie at the end of each Sn'S run. When she would get down to him, they would run back together! So perfect.

They were in LOVE.
See...still waiting on her!

A picture of the dads helping from another angle.

Slip N' Sliding crash and burn.

The kids got out the boogie boards. This made Slip N' Sliding fast!

Just having a blast!

Ready. Set. Go!!!!!!

Jury is still out on who had more fun - the parents watching or the kiddos playing. We it was the perfect way to end an outstanding, exhausting weekend. 

It also was the best way to begin the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!