Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Asleep On Daddy

Tonight Noah fell asleep on Cullen. I normally do the night time routine. But, when this happens, it makes me want to NEVER do the night time routine. I would far rather look at these two!! How cute are my two boys!?!

Best Friends.

There are some people in your life that are there to stay, no.matter.what. Cullen and Bobby are perfect examples. Bobby and Cullen have known each other since 7th grade. They graduated high school together; they met and started dating (what would become) their wives around the same time. They married their wives a month apart, settled down about 20 minutes from each other, and now had babies within a couple months of each other. It was destined that their offspring were going to be best friends...right?

This couldn't be more true. One of my favorite things to do is get together with Danielle and the babies. It is especially fun now that Noah does something more than just sleep, and Baby K is crawling like a woman on a mission!
This weekend, I was lucky enough to spend part of my Saturday AND Sunday with the Durbin family. Look at these two! Best friends, and they don't even know it yet!


Proof #2, Noah was blessed with my att-i-tude. Exhibit B: in this picture, you will find my son. I can only imagine the caption bubble over his head reading "SERIOUSLY, MOM. ONE MORE PICTURE.... I dare ya."

Friday, August 27, 2010

...And If You Don't Think 3 Month Olds Have Attitude...


These pictures make me laugh, and smile, and cringe at what that att-i-tude is going to turn into in his little rebellious teen years. I took these pictures on his three-month birthday. He is stinkin cute, but what a face!

A New Little Addition

My dear friends Sarah and Russell just added a sweet new little one to their family. His name is Baby Andrew and he is perfectly perfect. He has a FULL head of hair and is just beautiful! Congratulations Nelson Family!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Taylors!

There are two special Taylor's in my life. Cousin Taylor, I have bloggers-remorse every morning when I wake up with nothing added to the blog. My immediate thoughts are, "CRAP! Taylor is going to enjoy her morning coffee and be SO disappointed that my blog is not updated.!!!" Look what you have done to me. I am breaking out in hives thinking about it now!!

And, Taylor G. Hello new friend. I hope you are enjoying your first week as a 5th grade teacher!!

I wish I had a new picture on my computer of the little stinker. Blogs are so much cuter with pictures of my little Bug. HOWEVER: here is a little fact. My baby boy giggles when you tickle him. Nothing in life makes me smile as big as when he giggles. I love being a mommy.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun with Addison!

Addison is one of Noah's sweetest friends. She is one of the most adorable little girls I know, and when her and Noah get together, my job of entertaining Noah is unnecessary.

This summer was filled with Addison and Noah moments. Here are some of the highlights:

Here is Little Miss being a big helper in the water!!

Giving kisses and pats on the head is one thing little Miss is very good at!
Addison was reading to Noah. Doesn't he look so interested!?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Days,School Days. Dear Old Golden Rule Days...

...Reading, and Writing and Arithmetic. Taught to the tune of a Hickory Stick. Ah, I love that song. And, I love this time of year. I used to love this time of year because all those teachers FINALLY had to go back to work, after having the entire summer off. (ha, SUCKERS!). Now I love this time of year, because I get to go back to work after having the summer off.

However, this year's time off was filled with raising my little Bug! I am so excited to go back to school... I miss my baby every moment he is not with me. But, I am filling my time, preparing to teach other people's babies. I love being a teacher. I love the fall.

Cheers to all the teachers out there. Cheers for all the mommas who are sending their babies to Kindergarten for the first time (Uh hum, my dear Sister!) And Cheers to the last 5 days of summer!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three Months Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 12th, my little baby will be three months old. OH MY GOODNESS. Three.Months.Old! Tonight, Noah and I cooed back and forth.... or should I say "OH'ed" back and forth. We did this for probably 10 minutes. This is what I have to deal with - yep. life is tough.
Isn't my life grand!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Does This Bumbo Make Me Look Fat?

Noah is getting so good at holding his head up. No help. He has been perfecting this skill for quite some time. He could lift his head on his own around 3 weeks old...but to really keep it up without assistance, he perfected that this week. And, so it became time to try the Bumbo.

My good friend, Jenny, let Noah borrow her Bumbo from when her precious children were infants. When I got home from her house today, I put Noah in the Bumbo to see how he would do. He LOVED it. LOVVED IT. But, had a hard time squeezing those thighs into the leg holes. Once he got them in there, it was LOVE. How cute is he??

What I learned, is Noah still may need a little neck support. It is hard work balancing in a new chair AND keeping that head up. So, for your viewing pleasure (drum roll please.............) The Baby Bumbo Bobble Head:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rolling, Rolling...

Noah is trying so hard to roll over. He makes the funniest faces when he tries to roll over. I laugh so hard at his effort. OH, I love him.
He figured it out though. Lots of effort sure paid off...Oh darn that shoulder for getting in the way!! It is the same routine every time. He kicks his feet up and pushes them to the side; he rolls over onto his side - stuck. He gets stuck on that shoulder and can't roll over....

...But, guess who figured it out!! Now, there is no stopping him. He rolls over. He lifts his head up and giggles, as if he knows what he just accomplished! He is so proud of himself (and so is his mommy!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Survived.

So, I took Noah to his in-home daycare provider yesterday. This is a day I have come to dread...

...Good News. We all survived, and we are better for it. (Most of us are, anyway.) Noah slept from from 7-10 p.m., ate, and fell back to sleep from 10-6:15 this morning. WOW.

I made Cullen take him this morning. It is much easier this way on this momma.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Cute NOT To Post...

Noah had a VERY exhausting weekend. He played and played and played. He was plum WORN OUT yesterday. I thought he had recovered overnight......Guess I was wrong. He and I have been working on rolling over recently; he rolled over, giggled, and fell asleep. How adorable is this??

Year 26

This weekend was so wonderful. I spent the first part of the weekend unpacking. Woo. We are making a dent finally! The second half of the weekend, we went to Austin to celebrate the birthday. My mom cooked a big fajita dinner for the family, we swam in the pool and just had a great time. We ended the night with gift opening and carrot cake! How can you go wrong with carrot cake!!?! Sunday, we went on The Tappan's boat with the Tappan Family and Sara (my old co-workers). I am burned... I do not mind, red is a nice change of pace from pasty, which is the color I have been sporting since last September (when I found out I was pregnant!)

Yep, it's true. Yesterday, I turned 26. Wow, I am officially closer to 30 than 20. Gosh. That thought is a little troubling. But, look at my life up to my 26th birthday:
  • I proudly hold an undergraduate and Master's degree, and actually use them in my career.
  • I married the man of my dreams, and had his baby.
  • I own my dream home... that still needs to be unpacked. :)
  • I have a family that I am so thankful for. I can lean on them for anything.
  • I couldn't be more appreciative and I couldn't love Cullen's family more. I am so lucky to have the in-laws that I do.
I could go on about how happy I am with my life. Instead, I will just live my life and be thankful for what I have everyday.