Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wiggle and GIggle

This was a video I unloaded from the camera tonight. It is from this summer, and Noah's cousin Aubrey's house. This is a video I want to watch for years to come. I love the way this kid wiggles!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

36 weeks and Counting.

I went to the doctor today. It was a pleasant appointment. It was the beginning of the weekly check-ups. They start to measure my dilating and effacing. This was a HUGE success. I am 3 cm dilated. I am 50% effaced. Practically walking around in labor. THIS makes me happy. I got some un-fun news as well. As of right now, Baby Girl is breech. We talked about what this means and the potential complications.

I am praying for her to flip on her own. I am praying for a healthy baby no matter how she makes her entrance into the world.

Other than that, Noah melts my heart more and more daily. He is going to be such a good big brother. I just know it.

Sorry it is so short tonight... I am to that point where all I want to do is sleep! :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Post Sponsored by AA

Hi. my name is Erin. It's been two weeks since my last post. {The crowd greets me with, "Hi Erin".} I know it has been too long. The funny thing is, I have thought to myself at least 2000 times, "hey, I should blog about this!". I never do, clearly.

Since I last posted, I have had another baby appointment. It was my last of the two week appointments. The next one I attend, starts weekly appointments. The scary part of that is, I only attended two one week appointments and our precious Noah made his arrival. Some days, I would be super with that idea; for her to come early, just like her brother. Other days, I think we have lost our minds... what are we going to do with two children??! I am so excited to meet her. I remember, being at this point with Noah... that I just wanted to meet him, hug him once, and stick him back in me to cook a while longer. I am so ready to meet her, to dress her in cute frilly outfits, but I am not sure we are ready to be a family of four.

On other news, my cousins on my dad's side threw a surprise baby shower for me last weekend. It was purely a ribbons, bows, and very cute clothes shower. ZERO necessities, minus the tower of diapers from my parents. {Cullen couldn't have appreciated that more!} She has more shoes than Cullen already. I love that about her.

Here are a few cute Noah stories:

He has been sick the last few days with a little stomach bug. He told me his tummy hurts, and that he doesn't feel very good. That part of it is not that cute... but then he looked at me out of the blue and said, "I not sick anymore!!"

One of my MOST favorite things he does, is quickly make new friends. We went to the park after he announced he is "not sick anymore!!" At the park there was this little girl. He immediately went up to her said, "Hi. You my friend!" and they played for a solid 3o minutes together. It was adorable. I love how big his heart is.

Cullen is also not feeling well. He checked on Cullen a hundred different times today. "You tummy hurt, Daddy?" He is so loving.

I picked him up from school yesterday to go to a PTA carnival at my school. He said immediately, "I want to see elepants!" Sadly, I had to break it to him that there would not be any elephants at the school carnival.

He says things like: "Too bright!" when we turn the lights on in the morning.

He will say good morning and good night to my belly every day. Unprompted. He lifts up my shirt just to say hi to Avery. He asks about her, often. I love that about him. I think he is going be the most wonderful big brother.

He says to us, "Be happy!" If we are sick, or not feeling well, or if I had a bad day at work, he notices. He will say to me, "be happy," or "get happy, Mommy". All of these statements make me very happy.

Life is really good right now. I have a camera full of pictures that need to be uploaded. I will do that next. :)