Thursday, March 31, 2011

If He's Told Me Once....

.....He's told me 100 times already. Rangers start tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong. I love baseball. I love Texas. I love the Rangers. I love that my husband llllloooooooovvves sports. BUT, what really gets my goat, is that he struggles to remember my birthday, our anniversary, and other various important dates; and when it comes to Ranger's Baseball - let the count down begin. (HUGE EYE ROLLS). :) How many wives have heard this recently. "Hey guess what is in seven days? Hey guess what is in four days? Hey guess what tomorrow is???" RANGERS START TOMORROW. 3:00 tomorrow Rangers start!

Want to know the ONLY reprieve to the evening? Cullen told me tonight that the NFL is in a lockout and there MIGHT not be any Fantasy Football. WHAT??!?? Did my ears deceive me??

So, Happy Ranger's Baseball Season Opening Day, my Dear.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eating In - Lent: Week 2

Here we go! Week 2 of eating in. I must say, there are nights where I could be easily swayed to eat OUT but, Here is to having some sticktoitness (is that a word??) Want this week's menu?? It is outstanding!

Monday: Sloppy Joes with baked tater tots and baked beans. Yumm!
Tuesday: Parmesan Ranch Crusted Chicken
Wednesday: Creamy Chicken Pesto (minus the carrots - because, gross.)
Thursday: Taco Braid with Taylor and Kenny.
Friday: Turkey Spaghetti


And, just because posts are better with pictures, here are a few from spring break!

Mrs. Stephanie had us over for a play date. He thinks playing the piano is better in a shirt and diapers.
Being a baby is tough work, but he has his water bottle, gabbing with friends.
New favorite game: chew on my fingers.
Look at my teeth. Mommy loves them.
This is his "aren't I cute?" face. And, Noah, the answer is yes. You are.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eating In - Lent: Week 1

I was having a conversation with a good friend the week before Lent, about what we were going to give up for the Lent Season.... She is giving up the snooze button. Instead of snoozing, she will wake up and spend a few extra minutes reading a devotional or The Bible. What a brilliant idea. I decided to give up eating out. Yes, that means for 40 days, there will be ZERO meals out. No ordering in and eating at home, no quick breakfasts. Good, home cooking. I chose this for many reasons.
  • This is a vice of mine. If I could choose to eat out every meal and not cook I would (oddly enough, I L-O-V-E to cook)
  • Eating out is convenient, yet a hassle with a baby. While it should give Cullen and I more time together, it seems to do the opposite.
  • Eating at home, means we spend more time together as a family during the week....which may allow Sundays-at-church seem much more doable.
Point #3 - isn't that the whole purpose of Lent? Giving up something that hinders a relationship with The Big Guy?

So, let's make Lent a little more fun...I am posting (weekly) my dinnertime menu. 40 days, cooking in....we are going to have to get a little out of the dinner comfort zone.

Here was last week's, and this week's menu's.

Ash Wednesday, March 09: Ate Leftover Chicken Broccoli Bake at Jenny's.

Thursday, March 10: Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers on the grill. Nothing fancy here, we made burgers and added crumbled blue-cheese to the inside and baked. Delish. Very rich but DELISH.

Friday, March 11: BBQ at Cullen's parents.

Saturday, March 12: Crack-pot Lasagna; It was so good. I had made it a time before. I loved it. I change a few things, but keep it basically the same. Bravo. I would have it again. (**HEY, LAUREN, did you catch the "crack-pot").

Sunday, March 13: Melt in your mouth Pizza Bagel Bites. OMGosh. This is the Devil's handy-work. I could eat 17...problem is, each one is 1/2 a bagel.

Monday, March 14: Chicken Parmesan. Crispy. Hearty. Will need exercise afterwards.

Tuesday, March 15th: King Ranch Chicken. Simple. Easy. Done.

Wednesday, March 16th: Chicken Packets. Don't knock 'till you try it, because YUMM. (side note: I am not sure why she calls them chicken pAckets, instead of chicken pOckets. Who cares? They are good.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BROTHER AND UNCLE STEVE!

Thursday, March 17th: P.F. Changs frozen meal. It is AS GOOD as the restaurant. If I'm lying, I'm dying.

Friday, March 18th: Fiesta Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas. Humm.....I feel like we are eating a lot of chicken this week.

Saturday, March 19th: My Momma's Ham Casserole. A moment on your lips, forever on your hips, it is so good. You will have to email me for this recipe. It is a family one...and too good to share with everyone.