Thursday, January 24, 2013

I started...

The time has officially come. I started work this week. It was met with extreme hesitation and resistance. Guess who has almost survived the whole week??! Me. While it is Thursday, and technically, we are still responsible for tomorrow's work day, I will call my first week back as successfully in the books.

The evenings have been not as chaotic as expected. Avery is surviving daycare... I didn't think otherwise. She is a sweet baby and Mrs. Brenda is amazing. Noah loves having her with him all day. He is very possessive over her and I think it is genuine. Noah has made the transition of "mommy is back at work" very well.

Physically, I am surviving. I quit nursing her the day I came back to school. Yep, I am a crazy person. I just quit. I weaned her all weekend and gave up cold turkey on Tuesday. I am painfully surviving. ;)

Avery Anne had her 2-month check up on Monday. She was described as long and lean. (Neither of those adjectives did she get from her momma, as I am not long, nor lean.) She was 10.9 lbs and 22.75 inches. I will post pictures soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where Did The Time Go...

I am sitting in bed, watching Cullen iron his clothes, prepping for the week. I have the monitor on, listening for Noah, and I have a sweet, tiny girl fast asleep next to me. Life seems just about perfect. On the flip side... I am ending my last week at home with Little Miss. I get an ache in my stomach every time I think about it.

These past eight weeks have been incredibly difficult, wonderfully exhausting, memory FILLED, fuzzy at times and absolutely amazing. I have learned lessons; Oh boy, have I learned lessons. I am learning to be a mom of two while still being a wife and a friend who can remember anything. I am still learning to be a mom of a little boy who is ALL BOY and wants me only every once in a while. {If you were still wondering... yes, he still very much favors Cullen. No, having a new baby always around Mommy has not made him jealous or want me any more than before - which was minimal to begin with. ;)}

This week was going to be filled with lots of snuggles, lots of lesson planning, lots of down time with my little darlings while trying to adjust to getting up before the sun/son and staying up! Instead, I have spent the week holding my girl and really soaking her in, and playing with my other sweet darling in the afternoon before his daddy gets home and takes over in Noahland.

Oh, staying awake...that is going to be the hard part. So, it is time to prepare for the hard part... starting life back up. I have loved being at home. Let's see if I can make it all work. Say a prayer for me?!