Friday, October 14, 2011

Funday Friday

Noah and I are at home today with his Brohchitis. He slept through the night (woo woo!), woke up on his own hungry and thirsty! We were cautious about how much to give him...we didn't want a repeat show from last night. 

However, great news - he has kept it all down, and he has wet diapers, which means NOT DEHYDRATED!! Thank goodness! 

Happy Friday all. Have a wonderful weekend. We will be here nursing our lovebug to better health! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sick Baby = Sad Mommy

I have a sick baby. I am not happy. Today Hubby got a call from Noah's day care. She said Noah had been throwing up yellow. Yes, yellow. SO, concerned, Hubby took Baby to the doctor. The Doctor said Baby has Bronchitis. So.Sad.  I came home as quick as I could. My sweet sugar and I cuddled all afternoon. He changed clothes three times from 3:00 - 6:00 because he threw up so much.
 Eventually, I just left him in his diaper. At least that way, when vomit occurs, it takes a towel... not a change of clothes, and a towel!
 So, We snuggled up in my bed and he fell fast asleep.What is it about your momma's bed when you are sick that makes you feel better? It is true, think back to your childhood. Where did you want to be when you were sick? In your momma's bed. I still do...
SO, we are staying home Friday so that Baby Boy can get to feeling better - and so that his friends at daycare do not have to feel this way too! Have a wonderful weekend! We are surely going to try!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Banana Pudding Face...

So, Noah is WILD about feeding himself these days. He especially loves feeding himself if it is semi-liquid (like pudding). 

Hi Momma. Want some of my pudding??

He is serious about his food consumption...this was followed with  "Mo, Mo" his little way of saying MORE...

...I swear, he may eat me out of house and home.

Friday, October 7, 2011

October? Where Did September Go??

I cannot believe it is already October! Where did September go? Honestly....where did it go? I feel like September whizzed by. Yes, school was just starting up, but September is a big month for us. It is Cullen's birthday. It is our anniversary. It shouldn't be a month that is so easily passed. But, it did. Once again, it did. It escaped me.

The only plus side to September being over is that October is here. October being here means that we are so much closer to our SUPER VACATION we are taking at the end of the month. Woo woo! We are going to sit on the beach, pina coladas in our hands, dreaming of how to waste our days. Heavenly.

Here are some things that have allowed time to pass at warp speed:
  • School has been great. It is my favorite year so far. I know I have a very short career in teaching, BUT this is my favorite year by far! My kids are tough, and give me a run for my money every day - but I love them, I love teaching them, and I LOVE my job. It makes the time pass quickly too. 
  • Noah - my gosh he is so fun recently. He laughs at himself because he thinks he is so funny. It will say something that only he can understand and then laugh hysterically for many minutes at a time. I can give him directions and he not only understands, but follows through with what I ask him. He is so loving. He has a genuine personality. He is a lover. He gives hugs and kisses when he leaves your company. He blows kisses; he snuggles. He can show you he is one using his fingers. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington and Little Einstiens on TV. He looooves being outside (much like his momma). AND - he is all boy. He beats anything he can reach with a golf club. He runs manically through the house screaming and giggling. If you ever need to see what a tazmanian devil looks like - head on my way. He has a best friend, whom he loves. Kylie and Noah have play dates. Kylie and Noah are the picture on the background of my phone. Noah asks to hold my phone, then points to Kylie and says "Kah". He loves his Kylie. 
Other than school that takes up 80% of my days, and Noah and Cullen that take up the other 20%, I blinked and September was gone! However, With October here, THIS is what is on the calendar for the next 24 days:
  • This weekend: Visiting momma in Austin, girl-date with my co-worker to watch The Biebs on the big screen (yes, you read that right. We ARE watching Never Say Never, and yes. I am 27.)
  • Next weekend - Pumpkin Patching with our favorite little friends. 
  • Weekend after, October 22nd - UNT Homecoming! 
  • October 26 - VACATION! 
 SEE. October is practically over too. Where does the time go??