Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hayden Wayne Hamner

Hayden Wayne Hamner, What a sweet little blessing you are. This weekend, I spend Friday night, and all day Saturday at my Mom and Dad's house. My sister and her two babies came over to visit also. Hayden (who is not camera shy) and I played with the camera most of the afternoon and the pictures were so cute that I had to share with everyone. His current stats: He is in his first year of tee-ball; he will be 4 years old next week; and he is the best little snuggler you could ever meet!

Honestly, How do you get so cute??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly Faces and Leaping Lizards!

Silly Faces: This last weekend, Cullen and I attending our dear friends, Adam and Ashley's engagement party... a couple drinks into the after party, and Ashley's face froze. literally.... Don't believe me? See exhibit 1-3:

How can you not just love that face. Adam does. I couldn't have found a better match than Adam and Ashley. They are so cute, it makes you want to throw up (it that "I love throwing up" kind of way!) I am so thankful that I have both Adam and Ashley in my life.
And Leaping Lizards! If you have ever met me... If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I am scared to death of Lizards. Lizards are defined as anything from a gecko up to an alligator! EWWWWW - I hate them all. In the past 24 hours two TERRIBLE things have happened to me regarding Lizards. Please read this blog with caution, it is horrific!
Yesterday afternoon, my friend Mariko send me this article: . Basically, my worst nightmare has come true. This poor man was killed by a LIZARD. He was attacked by a 10 foot lizard/dragon... and died. Oh what a way to go. (A quick prayer: Lord, please take me in any other way...just not by a lizard attack. Amen). So, now that I am on high alert, Cullen and I are at home last night getting ready for bed. As always, the dogs go outside for a few minutes. On their way in, Millie runs through the door, and Cullen lets out a shrill. Automatically, I SCREAM, wake the dead, scream more and jump like an insane person. While it is nice for Cullen to alert me that a gecko has passed through the "No Gecko Zone", I wish he would find another way to let me know..... Well, turns out, There was no gecko - Millie had mud on her feet... Que music.
That is twice in one day I almost died vicariously by a gecko. Cheers to sleeping last night. Cheers to no geckos.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Have 2 Layers, When You Could Have 14??

One of my new found virtual loves is a blog called Bakerella! She is a baking-genius! Recently she created a 14-Layer Cake. I must say... I am not a sweets-eater, but her uncanny ability to bake makes me want to dive right through my computer screen with a bowl of ice cream and a fork!

My friend Sarah decided to give this 14-layer cake a try... and to her credit, it was delicious! It was delicious until she told me that there is over ONE POUND of sugar and 5 STICKS of butter in her super layered cake. I would like to go on record to say, I will never eat another bite f 14-layer cake as long as I live.
If you are a Kitchen Aid Kitchen Mixer owner, you know it is almost impossible to fill that bad boy to the top...turns out, if you make a 14-layer cake, it is quite simple!

While in mix-mode, Sarah's great sous chef, Russell (the very sweet hubby) floured the pans and preped for pouring.

After all the cakes baked and cooled, the Nelsons prepared for the layering and icing... (see the next two pictures)

After the final layer was laid, and iced, the outside was finished with a layer of chocolately-goodness. Ta-da! What a great looking cake, sitting so properly in it's cake domed-home.

Conveniently, Sarah was hosting family on this lovely evening.

Look at this little slice of cakey-concoction.

Done! And Enjoy! For your very own copy of this recipe, please see the great blog: Bakerella !!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hoppy Spring

I woke up this morning to the sound of Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts saying "Good Morning America! Spring is here!" Today is the first day of spring. The beginning of Spring brought very special new things into my life. I have a lot of blessings to count today.

Because I am a firm believer in paying-it-forward, I thought I would start off Spring by bringing my sister a bouquet of flowers I created this morning. Happy Spring to everyone! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

WHAT has taken me so long....

As I mentioned two weeks ago, Cullen and I got a new car!
I can't believe there are no pictures yet!

After two weeks with Ms. Betty White (my car), I am still in LOVE. She is perfect and drives like a dream! While I loved my little red rocket, (I will miss you, little red rocket) I am not in love any longer.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Trip to DC

D.C. was incredible. It started on Friday afternoon, with a brisk plane ride from Austin to Memphis then onto D.C. where my dearest best friend, Kelly met us close to our gate. Big hugs ensued.

Barack was busy at work, but I gave him a call to see if we could meet for drinks while we were in town. He said he was just a little busy, still adjusting to the new job...otherwise, he was game. The entire time we were there (minus a few cooperative hours) the weather looked like this:
Even though Barack was too busy to join us for drinks, that didn't mean he was going to ruin all of our fun. Saturday, Kelly took us to this quaint little pup, Porters. Cullen was getting the shakes from sports-withdrawal. We sat him in front of many TVs showing MANY games, gave him a cold one, and he was in hog-heaven. From Porters, we went to Buffalo Billiards for more chit-chatting and drinking. (yes we bar hopped...starting at two-ish.) Since drinking from 2:00 till just after 9:00 will make anyone lame, we went back to Arlington and hung out at Kel's for the night. Sunday, we got up, went to lunch and caught a movie. Gross weather = napping or a movie. We chose a movie. Good times. After the movie, we came back to Kelly's. Her nice friend Eric came over. We ate pizza; the boys drank beer and watched the "world cup" baseball games. However, vacation or not, at 10:00 sharp, games were turned off and we tuned into Brother's and Sisters.
Monday, we did a little sight seeing in the morning. Kelly went to work, and Cullen and I explored one of D.C.'s newest museums. The Newseum is completely dedicated to news. Throughout the entire facility, news is constantly updated. It is fascinating. Here are a couple pictures from inside:
This is a picture of the room dedicated to 9/11. **This gallery explores the horrendous events of Sept. 11, 2001, and the extraordinary challenges that faced the journalists trying to report the news to a shaken nation and world. The gallery includes a tribute to photojournalist William Biggart — a journalist who died covering the attacks — and some of the final photographs he took. Also featured are front pages from around the globe about the attacks and first-person accounts from reporters and photographers who covered the story.** The piece of metal in the corner of the picture, is the top of the antennae from the first tower.

This is a piece of the Berlin Wall. Along with the 9/11 exhibit, the Berlin Wall is a permanent exhibit inside the Newseum. **The Berlin Wall was strong enough to stop a tank, but it couldn't stop news from getting into East Germany by word of mouth, smuggled messages or radio and television. This gallery tells the story of how news and information helped topple a closed and oppressive society. The exhibit contains the largest display of portions of the original wall outside of Germany. It features eight 12-foot-high concrete sections of wall, each weighing about three tons. A three-story East German guard tower that loomed near Checkpoint Charlie — Berlin's best-known East-West crossing — stands nearby.**

After the trip to the Newseum, I called my baby brother to tell him HAPPY 22nd Birthday!! WOW, the big 2-2!!

We had a date at the Pentagon later Monday afternoon. Bobby, (Cullen's best friend)'s dad is a General stationed at the Pentagon. He, General Durbin, arranged for a tour of the Pentagon guided by his Aide. His Aide was a fantastic tour guide ( if you are wondering...that is not in his job description. Poor Aide...he had to put up with my 100 questions I had stored up in my head. and, if you know at all...if you have even met me, you know my questions can be off the wall.) The tour started at the 9/11 - Pentagon Memorial. I cannot possibly write the bittersweet feelings that resonated with me; I can, however, share what Wikipedia has to offer. "To honor the 184 victims, 184 illuminated benches, have been arranged according to the victim's ages, from 3 to 71, in a landscaped 1.93-acre (7,800 m2) plot. Each bench is engraved with the name of a victim. The benches representing the victims that were inside the Pentagon are arranged so those reading the names will face the Pentagon's south facade, where the plane hit; benches dedicated to victims aboard the plane are arranged so that those reading the engraved name will be facing skyward along the path the plane traveled.About 85 maple trees are planted on the memorial grounds. "

Tuesday, we did more sightseeing. We were as touristy as possible on Tuesday. It was sad to go...but, we managed to snap one more picture in the parking garage to end the trip:
It was a trip full of laughter, singing/rapping, memories, surrounded by two of my MOST favorite people in the whole world.

** denotes descriptions from the newseum, not my mind.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look at these two...

Like two peas in a pod. I was looking through old photo's today. This is one of my most favorite time passers. I noticed a common picture... I will post many more when I get home. Here are two to start... See if you can find a pattern.

What a sight. I love these two. I have often heard that dogs and their Masters are very similar. In the Mills' household this is very true. Cullen and Brodie are calm, simple, and if they are not doing anything, prefer to be inside, asleep. Millie and I are always on the go, easily excitable, and usually outside in the sun. Below is a picture of Millie girl all tuckered out from a busy day it is nap time on the picnic table.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hayden's Hook 'Em!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am madly in love with my niece and nephew. Last weekend, my family attended a UT Women's basketball game at the Erwin Center. Hayden threw up the Horns in the spirit of the game.

How can you not just LOVE that at 3 years old, he knows his roots are burnt orange!

AND.... How can you not just LOVE that face??

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy (Kinda) Anniversary!

Good Morning, Blog world! Today, March 6th, 2009 is Cullen's and my (dating) anniversary. Cullen and I started dating 6 years ago! Six, wonderful, blissful, stressful, exciting, years! I look forward to so many more to come!!
Today is also a very special day, because we are BUYING A NEW CAR!!!!! This is a very bittersweet moment for me. I am trading my little red car; a car that I have had since I was 17. So many memories are stored up in that special little hunk o' junk! I look forward to all the memories Cullen and I will have with this new addition to the family.

Love you, Cullen Mills. Thanks for making this day special to me. With your credit scores...There isn't anyone in the world I would rather enter into a binding contract with. ;)

Mr. Cohen Blanchard

Cohen Pace Blanchard, born to Lindsey and Brad Blanchard, is one CUUUUTE baby! I went to Dallas on a whim last Friday to see Lindsey, (my pledge sister in KKG) and to meet her little stud muffin! He was so sweet; he let me hold him the entire time I was there...and look at those precious eyes. Watch out Kappa's! This Sigma Chi is going to be a ladies man!

Momma Lindsey and Mr. Cohen!

Look at those big beautiful eyes!!

At three months, he has a lazy boy chair to watch Baby Einstein!!

So sweet. Thank you Lindsey, for sharing your home, and life with me on Friday! I love and miss you terribly. You should thank God everyday for your precious miracle. He is perfect!

Emmerson Walker

My friends Brent and Kelly have an adorable little girl, who will turn ONE YEAR OLD next month! Kelly and I had lunch together recently, and I took these sweet little pictures of her little Monkey. Emmerson wears bows with every outfit. Isn't she just too cute for words!

Just look at that bow. Does it get any better?

Momma Kelly and her Emmerson playing games at the table.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cedar Park Driving Range!!!

Hello ALL! My brother, TJ owns the Cedar Park Driving Range. His driving range is hosting a golf tournament at the end of the month. I would like to extend an invitation to all to come be a part of this great day.

** If it makes your decision any easier... part of the profits from this tournament directly benefit STARRY, (a non-profit, Emergency Youth Shelter in Round Rock, Texas)!!

Cedar Park Driving Range
1st Annual Golf Classic

Date: Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time: 8:00 A.M. Shotgun

Place: Crystal Falls Golf Club
3400 Crystal Falls Dr.
Leander, TX 78646
Phone: 512-259-5855

Entry Fee: $300.00 per team or $75.00 per person (includes: green fees, cart, range balls, post tournament buffet, and raffle/free prizes.)

Format: Each team will consist of 4 players. Men will play from the white tees; women from the red tees. Each team member will tee off and the captain will determine the ball with the best position; all team members will play their second shot from that point. Repeat the procedure until the ball is holed.

**You may choose to play with your friends. On the entry form enter their name(s) and score(s)
in the appropriate spaces.

**If you don’t want to look for a team, sign-up individually and we will find you partners.

Deadline for entry March 27, 2009