Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monumental Moment!

Today was a hard day. I was on my feet way too much today...almost all day. About 1.5 inches above my left hip has been cramping. {You know that cramp that you get when you run too hard, too fast; yes, that one. The one that takes your breath away....it feels like that.} It hurt for long enough that I started to get worried. I called the 24-hour OB nurse. After explaining my symptoms and after an abundant amount of questions from her, she diagnosed the problem... a growing belly. Yep, that's it. She said it is common at this stage in pregnancy for your uterus to grow at an exponential rate. It is causing stress on my round ligaments, which is causing this pain in my side. Her prescription: a Tylenol, hot bath, and GET OFF MY FEET for the night.

After work, after the grocery store, after a phone call the nurse, after cooking dinner for Cullen, I got off my feet to eat dinner. I cringed with every swivel of my mid-section.

Just about the time I am ready to throw in the towel for the night, Noah kicks me. He kicks me so hard I smile. I grinned from ear to ear. I got up, pulled Cullen from dish duty, and I laid on the couch with Cullen's hand on my tummy....Noah stopped moving. Oh, little stinker. PLEASE MOVE FOR YOUR DADDY. Is my little boy a shy baby boy?? After a wiggle and a jiggle, I got him moving again.

Cullen felt his little boy move. Cullen felt FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, his little boy kick me. I cried. I have been waiting for this moment; patiently. I have heard it is so much more real to husbands, more enjoyable to husbands when they can feel their baby move. WELCOME TO THIS PREGNANCY, Mr. Mills.

Baby Noah has kicked regularly for the last 20 minutes. I love every little bump, kick and movement I feel.

As for that unbearable side cramp ... it is so worth it. I love you, Baby Noah.

On The Wings Of....Seattle Grace Hospital?

I have read countless articles about pregnancy dreams. I have read countless blogs that recount pregnancy dreams. They are far more vivid, colorful, sometimes sexual, but definitely worth remembering. Last night was a perfect example... {Que dream sequence music....}

I was walking through Lakeline Mall, in Austin with a girlfriend of mine, Lauren (who is married with a child in real life). I was the final contestant on The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love. However, I hadn't won yet. There would be no formal engagement ceremony. Jake was meeting me at the mall, and would sweep me off my feet.

When Jake arrived at the mall to get me, we met, running into each other's arm's only to find myself feeling guilty about being married (in real life) and wanting to drive off into the sunset with Hunky-Jake (in my dream). Yep, my conscious works in my dreams too....

About the time I mustered enough courage/stupidity to turn Jake down, and introduce him to my friend Lauren, Hunky Jake morphed into Patrick Dempsey....only with Cullen's colored hair (which is very similar to Hunky-Jake's hair color).

This new Hunky-Jake/McDreamy combo was still Hunky-Jake by name. I looked him in the eyes, and turned him down softly. Oh it hurt. It hurt in the worst way. I introduced him to my friend Lauren (whose husband ran off crying) and they hit it off right away. They drove off into the sunset - not Hunky-Jake and I.

I woke up and told Cullen all about my dream - and that he should be thankful I am faithful!

Lesson One: I am MOSTLY faithful to Cullen in my dreams.

Lesson Two: I have a TV crush on Jake the Bachelor.

Lesson Three: Apparently, I picked a good husband, because even men who are devilishly handsome on their own, morph to look more like Cullen in my dreams.

Lesson Four: I will be very sad to have pregnancy dreams end. How much better does life get, when you have to choose between Hunky-Jake, McDreamy and your own husband????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Belly Pic.

This won't happen too often, but, this little belly of mine is growing at a RAPID speed right now...

I wanted to share {one of the VERY FEW} bare belly pictures. This was tonight; 22.5 weeks. 17.5 to go. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Children are so....blunt.

Yesterday, I was in the cafeteria with one of my students helping him get his lunch. While standing in line, I notice two little 2nd grade boys whispering behind me. Eventually, one taps me on the shoulder and the following conversation ensues:

Boys: "Are you fat or are you going to have a baby?"
Me: {With a smirk}, "I am going to have a baby. Can you tell?"
Boys: "Yep"

The conversation ended....About two minutes later, I feel another tap:

Boys: {With a very concerned face}, "Well, are you married??"
Me: "Yes, Mind your manners!"

Ahh, this is what I get to look forward to. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Blogging on this site.

I know many of you read both blogs but if you don't, we officially decided on a name! Go to The Baby Blog to find out!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's In A Name Anyway??

This is a post I have been very excited about. Since January 4th, our BIG ultrasound appointment, Cullen and I have been talking about our sweet baby boy's name. Prior to knowing if Peanut was a boy or a girl, we were locked on a girl's name and were between two or three boy's names. As it turns out, we chose a name we had only mentioned a few times.

Over the last two weeks, Cullen has "marinated" over our name. He has tried it on for size; he has written it down on paper; he has talked about our baby using his name. He even kissed my belly and said, "Goodnight, ___." I knew then it was only a matter of time!

Our decision took much thought, careful consideration, and lots of talking. Cullen gave in and let it be official...

So, world, I would like to trade-in Baby Peanut for Baby

Noah Thomas Mills!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Need Some Light Monday Reading??

Do you follow The Bachelor: One The Wings Of Love?? If you do, watch out... If you don't, you are missing out. Either way, here is some light reading to keep you updated with behind-the-scenes information (Thank You Chris Harrison):

go to www.popwatch.ew.com; search Chris Harrison blog...ENJOY!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Got "the question!"

You know that guarded, apprehensive question women are often asked... "So, when are you due?" You are so afraid to ask a woman who might be pregnant on the slight chance she is not. I never asked women before I got pregnant (because I didn't want to be that person). Now that I am pregnant, I know that women do have that pregnancy glow that so many talk about. A newly pregnant woman puts her hands on her tummy all the time to feel her sweet baby growing inside her. Now that I am pregnant, I LOVE talking pregnancy. I wouldn't mind someone saying, "So when are you due?"

...A short tangent.... If you go back and read my blog, you will notice I do not believe in differed gratification. I want the next step in pregnancy - always. When I am not showing, I want to be showing, when I am 20 weeks, I want to be 21 weeks, etc. {If you are wondering, I get my inability to be patient from my dear Mother.}

...Back to it - Two days ago at school, I had a substitute for an aide in my classroom. My substitute, without hesitating, looked at me and said the daring question, "So, when are you due?" To which I happily responded, May 27th! What another EXCELLENT milestone.

19 weeks to go!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Mom Jitters??

I am half-way through pregnancy. 21 weeks. We are doing the fun things now, looking at baby bedding, nursery sets, BABY CLOTHES, etc. At times, I feel like this sweet little baby boy is going to bankrupt me! (Aren't baby boys supposed to be LESS expensive???)

Starting about two weeks ago, I could feel this little baby move regularly. My little boy kicked and squirmed, even swam (at least that is what it felt like) laps in my tummy. Then all the sudden, it stopped. Worrisome, of course! Common?? Absolutely. Did I hate it, and think about WHY my little man wasn't kicking me anymore? EVERY HOUR! But, no worries - we are back, and moving like crazy. This is my favorite part of pregnancy so far. :)

I love you Baby Peanut. I won't ask this often, but for now, please move and shake a lot! Only 19 weeks till I can hold you in my arms. I can't wait to meet my, {ney, OUR} little miracle.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a Boy!

Yesterday was our BIG appointment. The ultrasound appointment was perfect. PERFECT. The baby showed us his cute toes, feet, hands, tummy, everything. And, yes, everything was cute and perfect. No, I am partial.... yeah right.

Our tech went through each of the baby's organs, measured his head, legs, arms, heart, counted all four chamber's in his heart...made sure everything was there. Indeed everything was there...plus a sweet little boy-part! At times, our little Peanut was being a little bashful and not wanting to cooperate with the tech (oh, boy - he is already a stinker!); However, after she made me do a little wiggle, she got Peanut to comply with her requests.

I am such a proud momma. This little boy already has me wrapped around his finger. Cullen is such a happy daddy. I don't know if I was more excited that we are having a boy or that Cullen gets his little boy. Either way, our little family feels so complete just anticipating his arrival.

Below is my first Pregnancy Picture... contrary to previous thoughts, I would have imagined that I would have been great about taking these... nope. This is the fourth one in 20 weeks. I just don't look all that pregnant yet; I count my blessings now - for a smaller pregnancy frame, but more for my healthy, perfect little BOY!!

Boy, Oh BOY!!!!!!!!!

Our ultrasound went perfect. Cullen's and my mom joined us at the doctor's office yesterday for the big reveal. Every organ in the baby is healthy and there. (THAT is most important)

But second most important... OUR BABY IS A HEALTHY LITTLE BOY! He has me already wrapped around his finger! (I think he has already melted Cullen's heart too!)

We have been on cloud nine since yesterday! For those of you who I have already talked to, thank you for the well wishes.

We couldn't be more proud or excited.

I have posted a video of Brad Paisley. He has a new song out, called "Anything Like Me". If you have a spare couple minutes, listen to it. It is the story of Cullen and our little baby boy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Shana Wetzel

Last weekend, Cullen's cousin turned 40! We went to San Antonio for a surprise birthday party hosted by her husband. Her husband, David, is so thoughtful and fantastic. He is the head coach at San Antonio's Reagan High School, (Go Rattlers!)

Above is a clip of David singing his own rendition of "Welcome to the Future" By: Brad Paisley. His version is appropriately named: "Happy Birthday, Shana Wetzel."

What a hoot. This was such a fun weekend, all around. We stayed with Cullen's brother and wife, Courtney and Natalie. We got to see their new home and their sweet baby dog, Rebel! It was hard to come back to work the next day!!


Do you remember as a child, going to bed on Christmas morning with a warning to not get out of bed until at least the sun comes up?? ( I do.) I still get that warning. The anticipation of Christmas morning was is so substantial every year - I often wonder if taking a benadryl would help me fall asleep and keep me asleep past 6:00 a.m.....

...Let's fast forward to today. As we were falling asleep last night, Cullen said, "we find out what our baby is tomorrow." Fact. I didn't sleep well last night. Fact.

I found myself wondering HOW AM I GOING TO GET THROUGH TODAY??!?!?! Could I just take a Benadryl and just wake up in time for my appointment? Nope. I have school today.

Dear God: PLEASE MAKE 3 P.M. COME QUICKLY TODAY! Lord, let us see a healthy baby on that monitor this afternoon. I know I have asked you many-a-times for a specific sex, but I can not wait to learn what our baby is and will be so excited either way. Bows and lace or little sports and tractors! I already feel so blessed to be his/her mommy. I trust you know what is best and it is in Your hands always. Amen.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Monday, January 4th

Monday, January 4th is a HUGE day in this lady's world. It is a busy, exciting day all day long.
- I start back at school after a perfectly long two-week vacation.
- We find out what our precious Peanut is at 3:00; Don't forget to check the blog Monday night....
- The Bachelor starts again on ABC. :)

What a perfect day!