Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love boobs.

I know... what an odd title for a blog. A near cause to my heart (literally) is Breast Cancer awareness. Since 2006, my family has participated in Susan Komen's Race for the Cure in Downtown Austin. Each time I am at this event, I am just blown away by the amount of people willing to support such an incredible cause.

The first year we participated, we didn't really know what to expect. When we left, there was one moment I can recall better than any other. A mom (mid-50's in age) and her daughter (mid 20's, if I had to guess) were walking together with signs on their shirt. These signs (which the race passes out) say "Walking in Memory of...." "Walking in Honor of...." "Walking in Celebration of...." Mom's shirt said "Walking in Celebration of my daughter." Daughter's shirt said "Walking in Celebration of my Mother." I cried while I finished the walk. I knew at that moment that this was real. This Breast Cancer thing is really real.

The very next year, my family was walking for my very own mother. We wore signs that said "Walking in Celebration of Our Mother!" This year, we will walk together, again, cancer free with our mother.

With all that said I give you two things:

One, my friend Kristin is walking in the Breast Cancer 60 mile, 3-day Challenge. Her team is named Dangerously Pink. If you would like to support her and their 60 mile walk, you can find their team link here, Dangerously Pink. Please visit them; They are selling shirts and Koozies. Their koozies say "I love boobs". (see there is real reason behind the blog title!)

Two: If you are in the area, or can be in the area, and want to join us for our Race for the Cure (no worries, it is a 5K), we would love love love to have you! Visit the Race for the Cure website to register!! NOVEMBER 2ND, 8:00 A.M.!!

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  1. yay boobs! i kind of miss the office too, apparently jessica got the go ahead to have me come in and do whatever random stuff she needs help with, so maybe soon. also feel free to add any of your favorite quotes that i may have missed.