Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Musical Memories

Many times throughout my day - throughout my life, I hear a song and find myself drifting from what I am doing to reminisce about what used to be... I blame this on Musical Memories.
I catch myself remembering about that time in class when…or the song I remember hearing the first time I kissed a boy. There are bittersweet song-memories; the song that reminds me of my late grandfather. There are always contagious songs you would like to never sing again, but – I love the memory attached to that horrible song. There are songs that should scar me forever, but instead, I hear it and smile with my face and my heart. Therefore, here is a song list, memories and comments to follow. Cheers to the memories.

  • First Recital Song – Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl"

  • First Kiss – Craig David’s "Seven Days."

  • My Daddy – Ricky Van Shelton’s "Statue of a Fool"; Little Willies’ "Roly Poly, (Daddy’s little Fatty)". Yes, I am aware of the inappropriateness of both titles.

  • My (late) Grandfather – Allison Kraus "When you say Nothing at all."

  • My Best Friend in the whole wide world – (in no particular order) Sir Mix A Lot’s Baby got Back, Tony Orlando’s "Knock Three Times", Ani DiFranco’s "Wishin and Hopin". , Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby", Garth Brook's "Friend's in Low Places", Reba McEntire "Fancy" and "The night the lights went out in Georgia". Meredith Brook "Bitch", Warren G/Nate Dogg "Regulators". There are so many more, I could go on forever. - It is part of the reason I love her.

  • Ex-Boyfriends, (none to be mentioned) LeAnn Womack "I hope you Dance.", Steve Holy "Good Morning Beautiful.", Blink 182 "Adam's song". Yes, normally, it would be weird to mention ex-boyfriends. However, without them and without the lesson's learned, I wouldn't fully understand how great I have it now. I have found my perfect match...and cue Cullen....

  • My wonderful Husband – Where do I start? 50 Cent "In Da Club", Coldplay "The Scientist", "Yellow", Randy Travis "Forever, Amen." Jimmy Fallon’s "Idiot Boyfriend", Brad Paisley – Let’s be honest, all of them. Mark Wills "I do."

I will end there. I could make this blog entry terribly long and I will spare it. I love songs; I love music; I love having subtle reminders that my life so far is pretty darn great. Happy Tuesday, to all!

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