Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Whizzie -

My parents - who are lovely, wonderful, kind spirited people adopted a Hurricane Ike dog. Her name is Whizzie. She is (from what we can best figure out) part small black lab, part setter of some kind. She comes up to my knees and weighs probably... 50 pounds. She is timid, shy but warmed up to me quickly. It appears as though she may have some abuse in her past as she takes a while to warm up to males...although she warms up.

Here are some precious pictures if Whizzie:
Here is the tricky part. My family cannot keep her. Two very serious reasons... Okay, one serious reason, one not so serious reason. Serious reason: she hates my brother. She HATES my brother. For some reason she just is uncomfortable around him, and is not warming up at all. So, like a good family, we must put him first. Not so serious reason, my sweet little Harley dog, does not like sharing her domain with a new dog. She also does not like sharing my dad. And if any of you have met Harley and my dad, you know they are good friends. So, here is my plea - please look at Whizzie. If you want her, if you can take her or if you know anyone who can have her, and give her a good home, please contact me. She is a super sweet dog. She loves sitting in your lap. She is potty trained. She knows to "go lay down". She has been through so much, and deserves a great forever home!

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