Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas In Pictures -

The Christmas holidays for our family have been so fun; Full of events - but fun!! We started our Christmases with ours on Tuesday. Christmas Eve was spent with my paternal extended family. We woke up on Christmas morning at my parents house and drove up to Belton to spend Christmas evening at the Mills' house. Phew!... There is still more celebrating to come. Here is our Christmas in photos:

Millie and Brodie each got waaay too many bones and treats. Millie even got a shirt with penguins.

Cullen and I decided we would do OUR Christmas on Tuesday night. After the doggies opened their stockings, Cullen and I opened ours. This Cullen with his over sized stocking! Inside his overstuffed stocking was a new putter and a new cell phone. :)

Part of Cullen's and my Christmas traditions are to swap letters to each other. It is an excellent way to recap the entire year - surrounded by the gross love stuff!

Cullen gave me new Cowboy books, and Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker CDs. Tucked inside my Brad Paisley CD was...TWO TICKETS TO HIS CONCERT IN JANUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Cullen and I had our Christmas, my bestest BESTEST friend in the whole world came to see me. We invited over Adam and Ashley, Sarah and Russell. Pictured above is Adam and Kelly.

This is a picture of Adam and Ashley - the most recent engaged! I couldn't be happier for you two!

Sarah and Russell (pictured above) always provide laughs. Sarah just graduated from Law School at Texas Tech University! (Congratulations, again!)

Christmas Eve, we always drive out to Uhland, Texas for a Christmas gathering with my Paternal family.

I would love to have a cute story for this picture. We asked Hayden, our nephew to take a picture with us. He is three and says yes to almost anything. HOWEVER, right as he hopped on our laps, he tooted...look at that face - as if is really working at it. Stinker.

And this is my baby brother. He is a pain most of the time, but I sure do love him. Make no mistake, as this picture is deceiving. He is significantly taller than me... at least a foot.

There are many more festivities over the holidays. Those pictures will come soon!! Merry Christmas to all!

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