Monday, February 23, 2009

It Blew -

Sunday night, Cullen and I are making are usual Sunday-Night-Trip to my parent's house. **A side note, I am in love with T.I's new song, Dead and Gone and I am learning the lyrics. Yes I am that girl who sings in the car loud, as if I truly AM a rapper. **
So, I am singing/rapping in the car. As the lyrics say something about I hit, you shoot me...something something somebody died, all of the sudden there is a noise that sounds like someone has flat lined at the hospital. I think to myself, "Neat! I haven't ever noticed that in the song." Turns out no one flat lined.... CULLEN'S TRUCK FLAT LINED. The noise we heard was Cullen's truck letting us know one of his tires was low on pressure - I look out the window and we are working on three tires.... scary. Please enjoy two pictures from our terrible fiasco.
Happy Monday!


  1. He looks pretty damn handy here to me! What a catch you have!

  2. OH NO!!! At least it made the weekend exciting! Poor Cullen :]

  3. Ugh, I hate when that happens. At least you have a strapping husband to fix the damage!! You should keep him around!