Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Married for Life"

On our weding day, I gave Cullen a book called Married for Life. It is a compliation of "inspirations from those married 50 years or more." Each passage is written in the same format: Title, Contributors, date of marriage and a small quip about them as a couple. There is always a short story to go with the title and the passage wraps up with a verse from the bible.

Cullen and I have turned this into a nightly bible study, and oh, they have been excellent. We talk about how these can relate to us, and how we can strengthen our relationship together as a couple and together with the Lord. I wanted to share one with you:

You only get out of a marriage what you put into it.
By: Eldon & Ginny Phillips
Married October 30, 1946
Eldon and Ginny went to high school together. His first move: he stole her shoes during a play rehearsal. "It took him eight years to convince me to marry him," laughs Ginny.

A young entrepreneur starts with an idea for a unique new product. He carefully pays plans for a start-up business, calculating revenues and expenses. He meets with consultants, accountants, and attorneys. He works hard to see the concept to banks and investors to raise capital. In time, he leases space, purchases equipment, and hires employees. Finally, he is ready to begin. He works hard, pouring himself into the business, determined to make it succeed. And it thrives. But, does he now merely sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of his labor? NO! He works harder than ever, while conjuring up ideas for improving efficiency, bettering customer relations, bolstering profits.
If a marriage is to last a lifetime, it requires the same level of devotion and energy. Both partners must give 100 percent. Each must be available to the other when needed, fully present, ready to listen, to talk, to act. Both spouses must pour their heart and soul into this enterprise, making whatever sacrifice necessary to ensure success.
Yet, what an investment! The payoff is a rich, healthy, loving relationship that lasts. And everyone reaps the countless rewards. Sound good? Devote time and energy to your marriage. It is worth it.

“Whoever sows generously, will also reap generously.”
2 Corinthians 9:6

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