Monday, February 9, 2009

Testing the Waters -

Dear Best Friend -

I am writing an open letter to you... to test you. Last we spoke, you were going to read the blog more often. Let's see if you do...or if you are a liar.

Love you,

Your Best Friend.


  1. Erin, that is too funny! I sometimes want to do that to my friends, too! :)

  2. I read it, should I drop Kel a hint?

  3. Oh My God! Erin Nicole, I am dissapointed. Have I been that bad of a friend? Just come visit me already and stop these shenanigans.

  4. Also, if I had a blog, today's title would be "CALLED OUT (by my best friend)." Where's Cullen when I need him to come to my rescue? Erin, don't act as thought yours is the only name on this blog. You are speaking for two and I don't think Cullen would appreciate this approach.
    Don't worry, I still love you very much.