Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Cohen Blanchard

Cohen Pace Blanchard, born to Lindsey and Brad Blanchard, is one CUUUUTE baby! I went to Dallas on a whim last Friday to see Lindsey, (my pledge sister in KKG) and to meet her little stud muffin! He was so sweet; he let me hold him the entire time I was there...and look at those precious eyes. Watch out Kappa's! This Sigma Chi is going to be a ladies man!

Momma Lindsey and Mr. Cohen!

Look at those big beautiful eyes!!

At three months, he has a lazy boy chair to watch Baby Einstein!!

So sweet. Thank you Lindsey, for sharing your home, and life with me on Friday! I love and miss you terribly. You should thank God everyday for your precious miracle. He is perfect!

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  1. Babies Babies everywhere!!! :) They are both adorable.

    Thanks for the update :)