Monday, April 27, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

Since Episode #1, I have been a FAITHFUL follower of the ABC show Brothers and Sisters. I live for Sunday night's show, and must admit, life just isn't the same when I know B&S's will be a repeat.

Yes, last night was a new episode, but when the show ended, instead of eagerly awaiting next week's episode already, I found myself in total disappointment.

SHAME ON YOU KITTY WALKER. Shame on you for being a cheater. You have sunk to a new low - and I do not like it. It appears as though your shameful behavior will continue into next week, and that makes me sad also. See you Sunday night. I hope you spend this week with a gut pinching feeling for what you have done. ** A side note, I do completely understand that Robert is not being a top-notch husband... but it is moments like these that can define couples. It should be through tough times that you grow stronger as a couple.


  1. was last night a repeat? I haven't checked yet.

  2. haahahahahahah. I love you. I was just thinking that if I had a real blog I would have written a post today re: Brothers and Sisters. What a slut! Ugh. I know Robert has sucked lately but so has she. Killer. Ugh.
    On a lighter note, so glad Justin and Rebecca are back together. Phew. But damn, Justin was right! Ryan is a sneaky SOB.
    Love you!