Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mr. Brodie Mills

I have been absent from the blog world both in physical form and in mind....However - I am back with lots o' photos!!

A couple weeks ago, my Brodie-Man had a TERRIBLE bump on his leg. Fearing the worst, I took him to the vet, praying it wasn't "the-big-C". Turns out, he was having a reaction to his rabies vaccination... I am such a worrier. (An advanced apology to my future children). Below is a picture of my froggy-dog at the vet.

Because he HATES the vet, and he did so well at his appointment, I took him to NaNa and PaPa's house to do his most favorite thing - swim! (Okay, his second most favorite thing. He likes sleeping more than any thing.)
And, after swimming, what beats laying out and catching some sun?? It combines Brodie's two favorite activities: being as lazy as possible and swimming. If you were wondering, Yes, Brodie is part duck. He has loved swimming since the very first time we put him in water.
After swimming with Cullen, Brodie was worn out, and needed to take it easy... so, he went and sat with PaPa in the rocking chair like a good granddog. Nothing Makes me happier than an afternoon outside with family. What a great day!

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