Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am a Cougar

It's official. I am a Clifton Park Cougar. I will be teaching the CASD (Classroom for Autism Spectrum Disorders) Kindergarten - 2nd grade class! I couldn't be more excited.
** A preface: I just was google-ing "Cougars" to add a picture to this neat blog post... A bunch of inappropriate, scantly clad woman looking for young men popped up. In case you were confused... I am not THAT cougar.

After several interviews with Killeen ISD, I decided to accept a position as a CASD teacher. I am already excited about setting up my classroom, writing notes to my student's parents, and meeting my new kids! Hooray for following dreams.

So, if you are keeping up with the Summer 2009 Life Altering TO-DO List:
  • Enroll in final semester of grad school....check.
  • Put the house on the market...check.
  • Sell the house...check.
  • Find a rent house...check.
  • Move...check.
  • Find my first teaching job...CHECK.
  • Graduate -
  • Turn 25 -


  1. Congratulations sweethart! I'm so happy for ya'll :)

  2. YEA!!! Celebrations in order!

  3. Oh Gosh! Congratulations, Mrs. Mills! I'm so excited for you.

    more than sad you're leaving, but excited for the future,

  4. I'm so excited for you! That sounds like such a fun position. It's not quite PPCD, but close enough, I guess!

  5. You are a young'n!! Congrats on the job.