Tuesday, September 15, 2009

...And, So It Begins!

It happened. We're pregnant. I am no longer me. I am now a "we". The Mills are not a party of two. We are a party of two plus a peanut. It happened. We're pregnant.

Around mid August, Cullen and I decided we are going to throw all precaution to the wind and leave it up to God. God is a funny man, because it took us six weeks from the time we decided to throw all precautions to the wind until I found out I was "with child".

Cullen and I celebrated our two year anniversary tonight and I gave him a James Avery ring for his gift. Along with his ring, I gave him an "I love Daddy" onesie, "What to Expect When You're Expecting (for Dad's), and an invitation to join me at the hospital around May 24th!

Peanut, even though you are only the size of a poppy seed, I love you bigger than the world is big. I have prayed for you for a very long time, and I am already excited to meet you. Peanut, me and your will think about you every day until we meet you.

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  1. Dear Peanut,
    I loved you before I met you. I loved you the moment I knew you'd be arriving. I am waiting on you now, so that I can spoil you, play with you, feed you lots of sugar and send you home to your mommy and daddy, and most importantly love you unconditionally. You are my sunshine.

    Aunt Lauren