Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anniversary Update -

Our Anniversary was perfect!! PERFECT! Cullen has yet again set the bar high for himself for next year. When I got home from work Tuesday, I as greeted by a clean house (yes, he came home at lunch time to pick up the house!!!) and plant in a planter box. The box had picture frames built into it for wedding photos. He also got me a gift certificate to Hobby Lobby so I can buy some decorations for our house!! Hooray! THEN, we went to dinner at a hibachi grill (which was FABULOUS), followed by ice cream at TCBY. Yes, Cullen was pampered was too. I got him a ring from James Avery.

Now, a life update:
Life is great. I am teaching a self-contained Autism class this year at Clifton Park Elementary. I have a TON of stories from class; however for privacy reasons I can not share them. I love being a teacher - I think God really is using this time in my life as a test in will and patience. :)

Cullen is loving his job. I see that he is truly happy; that he sees his job as a career, not just a job. He has yet to come to complain about not enjoying his job... it is just a safe feeling.

Puppies are doing good. Nothing new to report...unless you need to know that they are the best dogs ever.

I promise to be a better blogger. I promise quicker updates!!

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