Monday, September 7, 2009

No Labor on Labor Day

This weekend was outstanding! Friday night, Cullen and I met Cullen's parents for dinner in Belton. We ate at this cute little steak restaurant called The Beef Barn. Saturday, after Cullen got off work, we headed to Austin to see the family, and...... meet TJ's new girlfriend. ( I love her. already.) Sunday we headed to Fredericksburg to see the extended family.

So, wanna know the best part of the weekend (besides seeing my family...) WE BOUGHT NEW LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. I am soooooo excited. Chocolate leather love seat (both seats of the loveseat are recliners/rocking chairs. HOORAY.

We get them in two weeks and I can't wait to get rid of these couches we have now. Man, they were great when we got them but, we have WORN THEM OUT.


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  1. austin misses you. during fall break you should come down and have lunch with me and jess.