Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Baby, Oh Baby!

It's official. We are out of the closet for good. This weekend, Cullen and I went to my hometown (Austin), for my sister's wedding. We also went home with an agenda. We were going to share the big news with the families. Friday night, the "rehearsal dinner", we told my sister the news, swore her to secrecy and went along our merry way. She told the kids, and Curt, and after my toast to her, she told everyone there. Surprise... the news is out. While I could have been sad about this... it was so sweet to see how excited she was for us. It is so heartwarming to have friends and family be so supportive and happy for you.

Saturday night, after the wedding, Courtney and Curt were off to Jamaica. While we were cleaning up, we told the rest of the family. They too were equally as excited. It was so perfect.

What an amazing weekend. I gained a brother-in-law, got my sister married, told our family the big news, and talked to my best friend for the first time in a week (my fault!)

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