Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boy, Oh BOY!!!!!!!!!

Our ultrasound went perfect. Cullen's and my mom joined us at the doctor's office yesterday for the big reveal. Every organ in the baby is healthy and there. (THAT is most important)

But second most important... OUR BABY IS A HEALTHY LITTLE BOY! He has me already wrapped around his finger! (I think he has already melted Cullen's heart too!)

We have been on cloud nine since yesterday! For those of you who I have already talked to, thank you for the well wishes.

We couldn't be more proud or excited.

I have posted a video of Brad Paisley. He has a new song out, called "Anything Like Me". If you have a spare couple minutes, listen to it. It is the story of Cullen and our little baby boy.


  1. Oh how exciting!! It just seems like yesterday you announced the news...can't wait to hear more about the little sprout!

  2. Congratulations!! Boys all around. :) Did you think it would be a boy or a girl??

  3. I'm so excited for you! Boys are precious!