Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Got "the question!"

You know that guarded, apprehensive question women are often asked... "So, when are you due?" You are so afraid to ask a woman who might be pregnant on the slight chance she is not. I never asked women before I got pregnant (because I didn't want to be that person). Now that I am pregnant, I know that women do have that pregnancy glow that so many talk about. A newly pregnant woman puts her hands on her tummy all the time to feel her sweet baby growing inside her. Now that I am pregnant, I LOVE talking pregnancy. I wouldn't mind someone saying, "So when are you due?"

...A short tangent.... If you go back and read my blog, you will notice I do not believe in differed gratification. I want the next step in pregnancy - always. When I am not showing, I want to be showing, when I am 20 weeks, I want to be 21 weeks, etc. {If you are wondering, I get my inability to be patient from my dear Mother.}

...Back to it - Two days ago at school, I had a substitute for an aide in my classroom. My substitute, without hesitating, looked at me and said the daring question, "So, when are you due?" To which I happily responded, May 27th! What another EXCELLENT milestone.

19 weeks to go!!

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  1. I am glad i was with you when the guy at Panera asked if you're expecting, because he quickly got a lesson in "if you don't know--DON'T ASK!"