Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's In A Name Anyway??

This is a post I have been very excited about. Since January 4th, our BIG ultrasound appointment, Cullen and I have been talking about our sweet baby boy's name. Prior to knowing if Peanut was a boy or a girl, we were locked on a girl's name and were between two or three boy's names. As it turns out, we chose a name we had only mentioned a few times.

Over the last two weeks, Cullen has "marinated" over our name. He has tried it on for size; he has written it down on paper; he has talked about our baby using his name. He even kissed my belly and said, "Goodnight, ___." I knew then it was only a matter of time!

Our decision took much thought, careful consideration, and lots of talking. Cullen gave in and let it be official...

So, world, I would like to trade-in Baby Peanut for Baby

Noah Thomas Mills!


  1. How fitting, adorable and wonderful! Can't wait to meet the little Peanut...err..Noah! ;)

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!

    So perfect, Mills!

    Miss ya'll.


  3. Love it! Awe, baby Noah! So sweet. :)

  4. That's wonderful, I love your choice. Can't wait to meet Noah.