Tuesday, February 23, 2010

26 Weeks, 5 Days

Often, conversations with me and strangers are very similar and short. Often it is questions. "How far along are you?" Do you know what you are having? Oh how sweet, do you have a name picked out? How has pregnancy been??"

Today, I am 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Up till now, it has been so...not what I was expecting. I was talking with Cullen the other day, and I asked him if this is how he thought I was going to be while pregnant. Did he think I would gain a TON of weight, be sick all the time, be moody and temperamental? We agreed. We both thought I would be not as well off as I am. I am so thankful how easy this pregnancy has been. For him and I both.

I was reading online about pregnancy in the 27th week via Baby Center, Just Mommies and a few other websites. Here is a short list of things I have to look forward to. Let me share a few tid-bits:
  • I should feel my baby move regularly. This is due to hiccups and acrobatic workouts. Fact. Noah moves more and more daily. Not only does he move, I swear he is practicing drills inside my tummy. Sunday morning, Noah was kicking so hard, Cullen moved his hand off my "bump" because it got so weird (for him, not me).
  • 27 weeks marks the beginning of THIRD TRIMESTER. Two down, One to go!! This is the final home stretch. Cullen and I are soooo excited to meet baby Noah. I asked him the other day at dinner what he is most excited about. Do you know what he said? "Teaching him the three-step drop." It is a football play. Yep, our first child - and that is what he is most excited about. That is Cullen for you. No mush. No gush. Just football.
  • Baby Peanut weighs 2.2 pounds (on average). Wow, a two pound baby. I feel like that is so much, and it is so close to 7 or 8 pounds full term. It makes me nervous though to think it took Peanut 27 weeks to grow to 2 pounds, yet in the next 14 weeks, he will gain 5-6 more pounds!!!
  • This week, I may be experiencing shortness of breath and pain in my rib cage. For me this is half way true already. Shortness of breath is kicking in for sure. And, with a growing uterus, I am finding it much more difficult to eat meals. Last night, at my JSL meeting, I found that after one SMALL slice of pizza, I could hardly breathe and didn't want any more pizza. WHAT? ME, NOT WANTING MORE PIZZA?? What has this world come to???

There are a ton more things going on this week during pregnancy. However, these were the fun ones that apply to me. You can google many others, but thankfully, the do not apply. Have a super week.

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