Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome To The Club!

In several posts on this blog, I have talked about verbal milestones. We had the first question, "so, when are you due?" (which I was only asked once or twice), the common question, "So, can you feel him move?" (which always follows in conversation of baby talk.)

Recently, {I would say, about a week ago}, people have started to ask regularly, "so, are you having a boy or a girl?", "When are you due?" or they just offer their pregnancy stories {which I love}.

I feel like it has really put me into the "I really look pregnant" category. And, I think it officially allows me to be in the pregnant mommy club. While some would think this ticket was punched 6.5 months ago.... it really isn't. When you don't feel pregnant, and when you don't look pregnant, people don't really take you serious in the pregnant mom club unless they are pregnant or recent mommies themselves.

Yesterday, a young girl, 5th grade ish, was sitting down when we walked into a restaurant for lunch. She looked at me, and immediately stood up and said, do you want my seat? It was so kind of her. {For the record, I declined - probably because I didn't want to sit next to her dad, but....)

All that to say.... I feel like I really look pregnant. I really feel pregnant. And, I am two weeks away from my third trimester. Whoo hooo. We are on the downhill slope now.

Tonight is our second installment of Childbirth Class. Stay tuned for updates. If you are not familiar with last weeks saga go here. I am hoping this week is more comical and less uncomfortable.

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