Thursday, March 25, 2010

31 Weeks Down, 9 Weeks To Go!!

I thought I would never be in the single digit (weekly) countdown. We are here!! Noah will be here in less than 9 weeks. LESS THAN 9 WEEKS. And, because I am a super planner, I have over-planned and over-booked the weekends to make these next nine weeks FLY by. I have heard that these last weeks are excruciatingly s...l....o...w!!

Here are some things on our calendar before Baby Boy arrives:
  • Baby shower this weekend! {It is a join shower with my great friend Chyla Jane, who is due in June!} It is hosted by a mutual friend, Terra. I can't wait to see everyone.
  • Easter next weekend; Seeing both sides of the family. One of the things I am looking MOST forward to, is seeing Dustin and Ashley, cousin's on Cullen's mom's side of the family. They are our age, and expecting a little Smalley around Thanksgiving!!
  • Baby Shower for me the following weekend in Austin!! It is being hosted by three of my MOST favorite girlfriends ever. I am so excited for this shower; most of my mom's sisters are coming, and anything is better when they are around!!
  • CHELSEA HANDLER THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND with my girlfriend Lauren! Short of the Restless Leg Syndrome that I know will commence about 3 minutes after I sit down for the show, this is something I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO.
  • The last weekend in April, {which puts us one month out from Noah's arrival} is the wedding of Chelsea Conrad and Jacob Anderson!!

These are just some of the events on the calendar. May is AS BUSY as April. The only difference between April and May, is May ends with the arrival of Mr. Noah Thomas!!

Dearest Baby Boy: You are getting so big. You roll around in my tummy like a wild man. You have stopped kicking me, and starting stretching your limbs right into my ribs and bladder!! I love you so much, and love watching you move my tummy like you are a little alien. Your daddy has started to hold my tummy and feel you move around more. He talks about you everyday. I can't wait to meet you. In 9 short (excruciatingly long) weeks, I will hold you in my arms and be the happiest mommy in the whole wide world!!

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  1. I am so honored to have made your list of highlights for the next month, but we haven't heard anything about a Smalley Easter celebration. Will you email me the details at