Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gestational Diabetes Update.

I go to the OB today at 4:00 - It is the first for 2 week appointments, (which marks the downhill slope of pregnancy!!) and I get my update about my Gestational Diabetes. Let's pray Dr. F tells me that I just had a bad first test, not full blow gestational diabetes.

I went for my second round of tests on Monday for Gestational Diabetes. This test was a three hour tolerance test. It was awful. I look like a heroin user. I have three bruises on each arm from blood draws. I only cried once, never broke out into anxious sweats.... nor did I ever feel the urge to faint. Looks like I am improving on my Aichmophobia (a fear of needles).

Results will be posted soon - until then, say a little prayer that this little Momma does NOT have Gestational Diabetes!! :)

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