Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bittersweet Bluebonnets

This weekend, Cullen and I drove to Fredericksburg to spend Easter with my Mother's side of the family. As we were driving through the Hill Country, I quietly and peacefully looked at all of God's beauty. The Bluebonnets were abundant; the Indian Paintbrush were plentiful. I thought to myself, Gosh, this is the last time we will drive to Fredericksburg just the two of us. This one of the last road trips we will make just the two of us.
And.... this time next year, we will have an 11 month old beautiful baby boy who can crawl (or walk) through his own set of Bluebonnets (with mommy snapping pictures the whole time)!!! This makes me happy and so very nervous.
Lately, in the last week or so, I have become increasingly more aware of the fact that I am going to be a mommy in 6 weeks. Cullen is going to be a daddy in 6 weeks. "WE" are no longer a we; we are three. Can I do it? Am I ready to be a mommy? Do I have what it takes to be a mommy?? These are all questions that I think about regularly. I hear this is quite normal and common.
I know I am ready to meet him. I am ready to hold our little Noah Thomas. I am ready to see Cullen transform from a wonderful husband to a fabulous husband and father.
Bittersweet is the best way to describe my always evolving feelings around being a mommy. In these next several weeks, I will become more and more excited - you know what is the better part of this excitement??? I have Cullen, my parents, his parents, and all my friends helping and supporting this new endeavor in our lives.


  1. You will both be great parents! Lucky Noah to have such a great Mommy and Daddy!

  2. you are going to be a great mommy. I know it. You and Cullen will train up Mr. Noah Thomas to love the Lord with all His heart. I pray for yall often as you begin this next chapter. Just remember: the Lord has it already written, He's 2 or 3 steps WAY ahead.....and He writes pretty incredible stories.

  3. Aunt Lauren is always just around the corner! Love you ALL very much.