Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"The Light Switch"

So many mommy's have told me about this magical light switch that turns on around 8 weeks. This "light switch" mommies talk about encompasses longer sleeping at night, smiles from their baby, taking more food (which inevitably means longer sleeping at night), holding their head up without much assistance, this incredibly cute blob switches into an incredibly cute baby.

Noah's light switch turned on. He is a real baby. He has managed to sleep longer at night; eat more less often; he smiles at everything, everyone - including his silly puppies. Anything catches his eye. He is so happy to be held and loved on.

(Guiltily), I have told so many people, I am counting down the days until I can go back to school; I am going crazy at home. However, if he keeps up his personality; if he keeps this sweet-baby routine that he is in right now, I DREAD August 13th. I am LOVING my baby boy's new outlook (which is any outlook, let's be honest.)

Here is a recent picture of that sweet, handsome man of mine.

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