Thursday, July 8, 2010

New House Update

What? A Post NOT about the baby?? You got it....just one.

I wanted to give an update on our soon-to-be new house!! Cullen and I find that we drive past the house more than once a day. (I am not too sure this is normal - but what is fun about being normal??)

It is coming along so nicely. I get more excited to move in everyday!! I picture our little Noah's room all decorated. I see our furniture and our memories hanging on the wall. Oh I am just so excited.

When we drove past yesterday, we stopped. The builder was across the street, so he came over and let us in. We walked around, smiled a ton; talked about "what we want here" and "what we see there". I left Cullen alone with the builder and walked in all the rooms.

What is so neat about this house, is every time I walk through it I find something new. This time was no different. There was a light switch in Noah's room - this light switch was next to the real light switch. I flipped it on.... guess what?? There is a light in his closet!! I know that is no real big deal, except I didn't notice it last time we were there. It is just a small touch that makes me feel like we really made a great buy!!

14 days exactly until we move in!!

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  1. i stumbled on your blog from facebook :) can't wait to continue reading and meet baby boy.