Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Months Old...

Oh my goodness. My baby boy is two months old. TWO MONTHS OLD. I will add a picture later, but for now, here are a few stats on my little Bug.
  • My baby can squeeze into size one diapers... I think we will soon give up on the idea of a size one baby.
  • He loves to be held where he can look over your shoulder.
  • He loves being held.
  • When he sleeps, he holds onto your shirt.
  • Currently, he eats somewhere between 4-6 ounces.
  • He wears 0-3 months clothes - but, I think we will soon outgrow those as well.

I thought I would be sad today. I am not. Instead, I am thanking God for this sweet little miracle. We have played in his jungle gym this morning. We took a long nap, and now we are cleaning house together. What a great little helper.

We have one more month at home together. That is a bittersweet thought. I will spend it (moving into the new house) LOVING ON MY BABY!

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