Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Taylors!

There are two special Taylor's in my life. Cousin Taylor, I have bloggers-remorse every morning when I wake up with nothing added to the blog. My immediate thoughts are, "CRAP! Taylor is going to enjoy her morning coffee and be SO disappointed that my blog is not updated.!!!" Look what you have done to me. I am breaking out in hives thinking about it now!!

And, Taylor G. Hello new friend. I hope you are enjoying your first week as a 5th grade teacher!!

I wish I had a new picture on my computer of the little stinker. Blogs are so much cuter with pictures of my little Bug. HOWEVER: here is a little fact. My baby boy giggles when you tickle him. Nothing in life makes me smile as big as when he giggles. I love being a mommy.


  1. Oh my! What a nice surprise :) Never do I want you to break out in hives due to me;) I have been at a hospital all week working, so today was the first day I could check the blog and I LOVED it!