Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Wish I Had More Time To Blog!

Where did the good ol' days go, when I could blog all the time?? When did I get so busy, that I cannot honestly remember what I had for dinner last night (that's not true - I know I had nothing!)

Instead of filling you with boring text, I thought I would show you what has been keeping The Mills' family so busy!!

This was the most recent of Noah and Baby K's double dates. Baby K came over to play at the Grandparent's house. How can you resist these two?? I sure cannot. I turn to butter around them! Noah is never happier than when he gets to be around his Baby K!

And, happy six months to our baby Noah! This is his six month picture... Yes, it is the first one that he is smiling! I love this picture. Doesn't he look SO HAPPY?? For the record - he is always this happy!
AND, while we are talking about new things, this is his new way of sleeping. More mornings than not, I come into his room to check on him, and this is what I find. When PANIC MOMMY MODE kicks into high gear - I quickly swoop in, remove the covers from his face, only to watch him pull them right back over.... looks like this will be problematic in his teen years. (The only difference is it is cute now. It won't be when he is 14.)
We are in the beginning stages of crawling. I was reading to him a while ago, and he stayed in this position for quite some time! Is it me, or does he look like a little bull-dog!?

We have also recently participated in our 5th Komen Race For The Cure in Austin! Noah was not too pleased that I dressed him like a human snowman.
However, when it warmed up, we took the hat off (and the majority of his layers because he managed to pee ALLLLL the way through his outfit - which read: "My dad is an ass man, but I am a boob guy!").
These are the female participants of the day. From left to right: Mom, me, Sister, Aunt, Aunt. We had such a wonderful morning.
This is one of my new favorite pictures of us. It was (of course) race morning. For five years now, I have been TRYING to get a "framable" picture of us. As it turns out, I am not the best looking in the early hours of morning.

What else has been keeping me busy??? Oh you know, capturing my child's every breath with film. This was one of many attempted photo shoots. He is not a huge fan of having his picture taken. (DOES HE KNOW IS PAPA IS A PHOTOGRAPHER, for Heaven's sake??????)
We have also been going on walks. Here is another day where I wrapped him like a snowman or a baby burrito... either way, he was warm! What a good momma I am!
We have been spending time at my parents house. To date, this is one of my most favorite pictures of him. Oh I just think it captures every bit of his round perfectness.
We have had several visits from Aunt Kelly! Aunt Kelly is one of Noah's absolute FAVORITE friends!! (Besides me, and his daddy of course!)
We have also been working out with a life size sack of potatoes! Cullen and I get our regular workout by lugging this heavy-duty thing around on our shoulder!

Oh and if you were wondering, Yes, Cullen and I still take pictures together... We were at one of MANY weddings in our recent months.
I truly do love how busy life is. BUT, it isn't until it has all happened that I realize how much I miss by being so busy. I often feel like the world just passes me by and I wake up and it is next month.

I am so thankful that Thanksgiving is next week (pun intended). I get to meet Baby A, and see her BEAUTIFUL parents. The three of them are coming to stay at the house over the Thanksgiving break. I get to have other house guests Wednesday - Friday. Lauren and Scott (and Deacon) are coming to stay with us. We have stayed with them several times this fall in the DFW area. It is our turn to finally host them. We are getting family portraits taken, we are getting geared up for Montego Bay, Jamaica. We are watching Noah change and grow every single day! Oh, life is glorious!


  1. Matt and I decided we think Noah looks just like you AND your brother. :)

    I love that he sleeps w/ the blanket over his head. SO silly.

  2. Erin Mills, these pictures are too much! So cute. Please post the ones of Noah and Baby K on FB or send them to me so I can! I have to show these two off!