Sunday, November 28, 2010

A NOT So Happy Thanksgiving

Are Mommy-Cards Refundable? I was ready to trade in my Mommy-Card this holiday break for a new.....well, anything.

Noah had is first ear infection. Let me rephrase that - Noah had his first all out, gut-wrenching, 3-days in a row of no sleeping, horrible, fever-inducing, no-eating, awful, horrible, ear infection. What started as teething (or, so I thought) was really the beginning of the Dreaded Ear Infection.

Noah and I went to stay at my Mom and Dad's house Tuesday night. Noah was unusually fussy. He didn't really have an appetite (and if you have met Noah, that is the first sign that something has gone TERRIBLY awry), and bless his heart, all he wanted was to be held by his Papa or Mommy. Not even the sweet, magical Nana touch was doing the trick. We took shifts, as sleep that night was starting to look grim. The next morning wasn't looking too much better.
With little sleep, I pushed through.
I came back to Killeen, baked all day with a baby strapped to me (Thank you Baby Bjorn) and a good friend along side me. When Cullen got home from work that night, things went from bad to horrible. Noah couldn't be calmed. He cried, not fussed, cried. He napped, cried, and napped. No eating. He only napped in his car seat or on someone. I have never felt so helpless. Oh, it is an awful feeling. The night time was even worse.

We had Cullen's cousins staying with us overnight. Noah screamed ALLLL NIIIGHHHT LOOONG. Again, so helpless. At this point we were still sure it was teething. His fever spiked to 102.6. At that point I was certain it was doomsday. We gave him a luke-warm bath and Baby Tylenol. We prayed his fever would at least hover around 100, not pushing 103. Noah FINALLY slept from 5:30 am-9:00 am. It was the longest stretch of sleep he had since Tuesday.

Thursday was a repeat. Carol and Billy kept him overnight. It was clear that Cullen and I were walking zombies. Nothing more. I took him to the doctor Friday morning. Indeed, not teething, the Dreaded Ear Infection. Almost instantly after antibiotics were given to him, he started to perk up. I won't say he was 100% - but I saw signs of my little baby again. Thank God! I missed him.

As to not let this drag on, it was only today that he returned to normal. We are working at 98% better. I will given it one more day on antibiotics and we will call me 100%....I hope!
(This is our 2010 Thanksgiving Picture!) Noah decided to FINALLY sleep during the picture. There was NO WAY I was waking him up for that!!

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  1. The scarf looks great and y'all look BEAUTIFUL!