Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Man Winter...

Winter blew in last week. EVERY SCHOOL DISTRICT in Texas closed (it seemed) except Killeen ISD. However, Thursday night, Old Man Winter heard my jealous rages, and blew right into Killeen just long enough to close school on Friday.

Noah and I had an extended weekend, and we had such a blast! We played and played, crawled, napped in our beds, and played some more.
Regardless of time, regardless of how long we had al-re-ady been inside, regardless of how quickly I caught cabin fever, Noah was so sweet, so cuddly, and so much fun!
AND, because it NEVER snows in Texas, I thought I would chronicle the snow by writing in it!
I couldn't wait to get Noah all bundled up for the snow....guess who was LESS THAN AMUSED with the idea of sitting in the cold, wet, snow?? You guessed it..... This guy.
Can you read the caption bubble over his head?? "Ugh, maybe if I just take this one picture, she will let me go in...."
BUT, never fear, my little chunker was EASILY distracted by the thought of eating...even if it is eating snow.
See, I told you. Easily distracted.
The winter blizzard that was 2011 was so fun. I am so glad to see it come AND GO.


  1. Henry has that vest from Target!! Don't you love it? It is my most favorite of his winter gear...

  2. I feel special c I took some of those pictures. :)