Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eating In - Lent: Week 2

Here we go! Week 2 of eating in. I must say, there are nights where I could be easily swayed to eat OUT but, Here is to having some sticktoitness (is that a word??) Want this week's menu?? It is outstanding!

Monday: Sloppy Joes with baked tater tots and baked beans. Yumm!
Tuesday: Parmesan Ranch Crusted Chicken
Wednesday: Creamy Chicken Pesto (minus the carrots - because, gross.)
Thursday: Taco Braid with Taylor and Kenny.
Friday: Turkey Spaghetti


And, just because posts are better with pictures, here are a few from spring break!

Mrs. Stephanie had us over for a play date. He thinks playing the piano is better in a shirt and diapers.
Being a baby is tough work, but he has his water bottle, gabbing with friends.
New favorite game: chew on my fingers.
Look at my teeth. Mommy loves them.
This is his "aren't I cute?" face. And, Noah, the answer is yes. You are.


  1. Erin, he is so adorable! Cuter every time I see him!

  2. That last picture is absolutely precious!!!!