Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Warning: Do NOT Try These At Home.

I am a firm believer that if I make my bed, I will lie it.

I promised crock-pot meals this week, remember?? Well, night one, we had ham casserole (in the freezer from a couple weeks ago) because we didn't prep crock-pot meal #1. Tuesday morning we prepped for chicken and dumplings. GUESS WHAT? They were TERRIBLE. In fact, so terrible, I wouldn't have (and didn't) feed them to my dogs!! We grabbed Chinese food. (What else are you to do when you have prepared for meals that take 8 hours to cook???) Tonight, we prepped and had BBQ Chicken crock-pot. Cullen claims he liked it. I am not sure if that is him being kind or if he has bad taste buds. Also an utter fail. So, tomorrow is Thursday. I guess here is to trying AGAIN to get it right.

So, what is the message? Don't try the crock-pot meals I posted, unless you are starving, haven't eating in weeks and are willing to sacrifice sustenance to taste. :)

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