Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sick Baby = Sad Mommy

I have a sick baby. I am not happy. Today Hubby got a call from Noah's day care. She said Noah had been throwing up yellow. Yes, yellow. SO, concerned, Hubby took Baby to the doctor. The Doctor said Baby has Bronchitis. So.Sad.  I came home as quick as I could. My sweet sugar and I cuddled all afternoon. He changed clothes three times from 3:00 - 6:00 because he threw up so much.
 Eventually, I just left him in his diaper. At least that way, when vomit occurs, it takes a towel... not a change of clothes, and a towel!
 So, We snuggled up in my bed and he fell fast asleep.What is it about your momma's bed when you are sick that makes you feel better? It is true, think back to your childhood. Where did you want to be when you were sick? In your momma's bed. I still do...
SO, we are staying home Friday so that Baby Boy can get to feeling better - and so that his friends at daycare do not have to feel this way too! Have a wonderful weekend! We are surely going to try!

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