Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful For...

There are quite a few days of catching up... Let's begin.

Tuesday - I am thankful for prayer. Tuesday night, Noah and I prayed before bedtime. For the first time ever, he prayed for someone by name... unprompted. I love the spiritual innocence in which he prayed, interjecting names as he saw fit amongst my prayer. Yes, he is only 18 months old, but the Lord has filled him with love and he shows it daily.

Wednesday - I am thankful for Thanksgiving. It is just around the corner - which means family, fellowship and all new memories to add to the book. It is filled with mashing potatoes, not having to decide between broccoli rice casserole and mac and cheese; and cherishing indoor/outdoor fun and games. It is watching my mom gleam in her element, and it is pondering if anyone will announce something big. Thanksgiving is more than just a mean on a day - it is what life is all about!

Thursday, today, I am thankful for Noah's incredible awareness of others. Tonight, it was just him and I. When I took my shoes off, he immediately noticed that I had a band-aid on my foot (a blister from my new shoes). He squatted down, said, "uh-oh" and made a kissy noise at my foot. Sweet boy. Big emotions. I hope he stays that way forever.

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