Friday, December 30, 2011

A Brief Game Of Catch-Up

It is almost embarrassing that I have been home for two solid weeks and I cannot find time to blog - yet, when I am in the full swing of my hectic life, I am able to do it all...well, at least I am able to blog.

This Christmas season has been one of the best on record for me. All of my family came together on multiple occasions - we celebrate big around here. We spent the holidays catching up, ripping open boxes and being lazy, playing with our new toys. UNlike last year, Noah understood gifts, understood that if he tears into this wrapped thing, there would me a super surprise on the inside. He wanted to play with everything, and was so gracious. He would stop what he was doing, go give the gift-giver a hug and say thank you. Yes, he was prompted...but isn't that what parenting is??

Because all three of us were spoiled rotten, we decided that it was time to give Noah his own room - he got the dining room transformed into a playroom and Cullen and I - well, we got our living room back! Oh my goodness. It is amazing!

This weekend, we are ringing in the new year with The Durbins. We will quickly get up New Year's day to have one more day of fun-Christmas in Fredericksburg, Texas with my mom's side of the family...only to hit reality hard. Back to school on Monday for this little girl!

While the Christmas season (for most) is behind you - let me leave you with this: be thankful. Look around and thank God for everything you have; Big or small - you are loved, and infinitely blessed. I know I am and I never take it for granted. 

Pictures of our two-week vacation are coming soon, I promise!

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