Friday, March 9, 2012

Impress Me

Noah is such a toot. He amazes me daily with how much he learns. how much he retains, how much he can focus on one tiny aspect and "just get it" almost instantly. The last two days, he has wanted to sit with his "ah-ah" (monkey) in his high chair in the morning. While watching Dora The Explorer yesterday, he pointed to the TV and said "Dora's ah-ah" then pointed to his monkey and said "my ah-ah".  I was amazed that he could form that whole thought and relay it to me. Dora has a monkey and I have a monkey. I know that he understands possessiveness, but, I was just stunned.  He then proceeded to feed himself a bite of salsa (applesauce) and then his monkey a bite of salsa. He told his ah-ah "Ya-you" (I love you). It was like he was sitting with his best pal in the whole world. Here is a picture of this sweet little man and his "ah-ah" in the morning.
Noah and his "ah-ah".


  1. What a smartie! I am constantly amazed at Henry too. We totally underestimate their little minds!

  2. Very nice post... I love this post so much...