Monday, June 11, 2012


I wish there was a long post I could write not about Noah...however, being a temporary stay-at-home mom, my life is Noah. I have two things to blog about regarding my Stinker:

1. Guess who's toddler bed magically turned into a big-boy bed this week???? Oh boy, he has his Papa's fix-it skills and he was such a helper! Here are two pictures of him "helping" Momma and Dad put his big boy bed together:

He is making sure all the screws are tight!

Helping Momma plug in his Mobile!
2.  Today, Noah made two major connections. Before I gush about how smart I think my sweet son is, I must tell you, I am rational. I know that this is probably the age for connections to be made like this, but it just blows me away when he does it. It makes me feel like we are doing something completely correct in our parenting!

Today, I picked up Noah from Ms. Brenda's house and the following conversation ensued:

 "Get a bike at the store."
"No Buddy. You are too little."
"No. Wear a helmet (pronounced Heeelmut)."
"That is right, we do wear a helmet when we are on a bike. But, you are still too little for a bike."
"No, wear a helmet to go fast as I can."
"Maybe later Buddy."

I was astonished that he not only knew you need a helmet with a bike, but that a helmet will keep you safe when you go fast. What a smart little thinker.

THEN, later this evening while eating grapes, he held out his hands and said to me, "My hand wet. This hand dry." I know that seems a bit lame if you aren't a parent - I was quite impressed that he could notice the difference in his hands and verbalize it. SHEER GENIUS!

3. We also prayed at dinner tonight. I asked him to show me how to pray, and sure enough, he put his hands together and repeated after me, "Dear God." I said a pray and he repeated, "Amen." It is moments like this one too, that make me think we are doing well in the parenting department.

That's it for me. I love having Noah at home with me this summer! I love watching him grow daily. I am one proud momma!

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