Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Girl

For those of you who are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, you are going to understand this feeling... I have NO BRAIN! My already mostly useless mother-brain is more fried than usual due to the life growing inside me. I asked Cullen the other day about the differences in Noah and #2's pregnancy. It surprised me a bit that he had an answer. He said, with Noah I always wanted Vietnamese food. With this one, nothing sounds good. With this one, I am extremely indecisive. I wasn't that way with Noah.

Well, now that we know that Baby is a girl, we get to do the fun things, like decorate her room and buy fun clothes. However, I have found that from the second I decide on something through the second I go to buy it... I have a change of heart no less than 14 times. I hate it. I know roughly what I want. That never changes. But the ideas change regularly. 

WELL, not any more my friends. Our little stinker slept over at his Coco's house last night. Cullen and I took full advantage and hit up a few stores to see if we could make some headway on Baby girl's room. 


When we got home, I had a minor meltdown. I know that we have a while until she is born. However, it is our goal to have MOST things done before I go back to school. I get VERY busy during the fall/school year. It will just be easier/less stressful to have a bit of this done!

With a deep breath and calmer nerves I searched the internet for a crib and found one almost instantly. It is SO VERY DIFFERENT than what I had been looking for and I LOVE IT. 

We also decided to base the room around two prints we found at Hobby Lobby. They are bright, cheery and very colorful. They are girly without being baby. They will be easy prints to transition from baby room to little girl room. 

AAHHH..... I am capable of making decisions. That is nice to know. And, without further ado, here is our crib and our prints. Now that I have made this a well known decision, maybe I won't change my mind.... again.

Our colorful piece #1

Our colorful piece #2. IN LOVE.

Our Crib. It is convertible. It is wavy, and different - and I love it.


  1. so super cute!!!! as far as decisions go-i think you made a great one! good job, momma!

  2. Love it! We almost got that crib for maya! :)