Monday, August 6, 2012

My Name is Erin, and I am BAD Blogger...

Yes, I do realize it has been far too long since I last blogged. (Grant me the Serenity...) 

I have family on Cullen's side, (Hi Nicky Paul), who when I see him, reminds me to blog frequently, as it is his best way of keeping up with our little family. When I don't, I start to get the I'm-disappointing-my-mom pain. :)

So, without further ado, let's catch up on life. To make it simple, I will give you a bullet list. AND, because blogs are far more interesting with pictures, I will add some more of our gender reveal pictures. Enjoy:

  • Summer has been wonderful. I spent all of July with my handsome little man. Day care was closed, so we just created our own fun at home - out of the heat. One morning, I had to take him to an OB appointment. Thinking my doctor would be annoyed, I brought an arsenal of toys, books, games and suckers. Instead, the doctor had him climb on top of me and squirt the goo on my belly. He then helped her use the heartbeat monitor to listen to the baby. It put a huge smile on his face and a perfect memory in my mind. It also calmed my nerves while I was there AND showed me once again that I have the world's BEST OB/doctor.  
  • August 1st, I turned 28. I spent the week celebrating with friends and family. Coco kept Noah overnight; Cullen took me on a date. I was richly spoiled with gifts and time with the ones I love. 
  • We have spent the summer watching me grow. I am no longer able to fit into regular tops. They are too short. I haven't been to the doctor in three weeks, BUT, at the last appointment, I had only gained a total of 7 pounds this whole pregnancy. I feel so lucky. Cullen can feel Baby Girl regularly. Noah has felt her once or twice but doesn't really get it. :) 
  • Here is a story I never want to forget. Noah has been wild about this pregnancy. He loves being around babies already, and I think he is going to be a WONDERFUL big brother without a HUGE, life-shattering, transition. In the evenings, before bed time, we have a four-part ritual. We give hugs, tisses (kisses), Lub-yous (love you - he will squeeze your index finger) and noggins (rubbing foreheads). One evening, Out of the blue, completely unprompted, he lifted up my shirt, and did the whole ritual with my belly, ending with, "Lub you Abery". Melt my heart. 
  • July 22nd, Cullen and I celebrated our two years of home-ownership. While this isn't our first home to own, it is certainly our favorite and our "long-term" home. It is the home that we will bring our second child home to, where we will watch our kids grow and create a million more memories. 
  • I wrote in my last blog that we are doing a new routine with Noah at bedtime. We needed to get him to a spot that he could go to bed without us rocking him to sleep and/or screaming/crying  when we put him down. We have been doing our new bedtime routine since middle of June. It has NOT been getting any better/easier. They kid SCREAMS at night for a solid 20 minutes. I mean SCREAMS. Houston, we have had a breakthrough. For the last three nights, we have been able to lay him down, talk to him for two or three minutes and walk out without any fuss at all. No tears, no whining, NOTHING. He lays down, gives us "lub-yous" and night night time. On one hand, it is so nice. On the other hand, it is so sad to know he is growing up so much. Without question, the 5-10 minutes we spend snuggling in his bed, talking and praying before I leave his room at night is my favorite 5-10 minutes of my day. (No offense Cullen...I love you!) 

I could think of a few more, but I really need to go to bed. :) I promise I will come up with a quicker blog later. I really mean it this time, Nicky Paul!! 

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