Monday, November 12, 2012

Bittersweet, Party Of One.

Seven days to go. A glorious seven days until I will have two children, until I am a mother of a newborn again, until my life as I know it, will be forever changed.

I can't help but have very bittersweet feelings. While every fiber in my body is so excited to meet her and have her here to hold and be a part of our family, I am struggling with my relationship as I know it with Noah. He is my pride; he is who I am; he is my rock and my life as I know it. He is what keeps me awake at night pondering how to be a better person. He is my favorite little man, and he will tell you that. What do I do when he is not my only child? What do I do when one baby NEEDS to be held and one little man wants to be held? As far as he has ever known, he has been my only he has to share me. Moms of multiple children, how do you do it??!

Noah and I spent the whole day together today. It was perfect. He snuggled with me all morning. He gave me as many kisses as I wanted. He loved me and told me he loved me all day. It was absolutely Heaven sent to spend one more wonderful day together, just him and I.

So, here is to preparing for Little Miss' arrival. A week or less... here we go!

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  1. I am 20 weeks pregnant right now and am enjoying all baby-related blogs! It looks like you have been busy being a mama (again) so I hope your life is lovely right now and I am looking forward to another post again when you have time!