Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Now I Feel Bad"

For those staying tuned in to my man eating gecko saga... sleep easy friends. I KNOW I DID. As we were getting ready for bed last night, I was stopped in my tracks by my protector. Cullen says firmly, "Stay there; Don't come in here (our bedroom)."

After what sounds like a rumble with a fierce lion, Cullen sulks out of the bedroom and says, "I lost it." Which was promptly followed with, "Well, you better get back in there and find it!" I patted him on the behind, like an encouraging coach and sent him back into battle. I perched in attack-mode on the bed - just in case it was hiding within the folds of the bed...

Cullen, on all fours with tissues in his hand - holding the DEAD GECKO - pops up and the following conversation ensues:

"Well, now I feel bad. I killed him."

"Why do you feel bad again?"

"Because I killed a living creature. He didn't need to die. I was just going to scoop him up and put him outside. Now he is dead."


"Well, I feel bad."

"I don't. You are on your own there, partner. I am going to sleep hard. GOODNIGHT!"

Sure enough, I slept like a rock. Thanks to MY protector! That is just another reason, I love him!

1 comment:

  1. You should feel bad. That gecko is completely harmless. As a matter of fact, geckos are the best things you can have to keep insects out of the house. I am sure that you will gladely trade 1 harmless gecko for 100 crickets. Too bad. Anyway... cool blog though.